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Aug 30 12 5:26 PM

^I agree. 

I was borderline if I wanted to cancel my copy but the whole project is looking better as release draws near.

The release of the KARASIA Tour would seem apporpriate to follow up with it.

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Aug 31 12 12:08 PM

Honestly wasn't interested in this solo album at all but the videos look somewhat interesting actually.

And omg @ seungyeon transforming into a gothic-esque rock style for the video, looks so cool!

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Sep 3 12 12:23 PM

Jiyoung's wanna do is giving me serious Yui vibes, and I actually like that direction for her.  

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Sep 4 12 4:34 AM

LOVE nicole's and seungyeon's solo. this whole project is quite nice actually. wish the album title was different though /:

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Sep 4 12 3:35 PM

ThinkingOutLoud89 wrote:
are all those songs new songs or where they OST songs or something like that?
I have to say...those are KARAs best songs so far lol
Those are their solo songs they performed during KARASIA, but in Japanese. In all shows (even in Japan) they performed in Korean, though.

According to CDJapan, the limited CD+DVD edition comes with both Korean and Japanese music videos, but the official tracklist does not mention this at all! Hopefully they also shot the videos in Korean.

Also, Pandora ranked 15h place on Oricon:

5,158 KARA(パンドラ 104→15 6,077) 

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Sep 27 12 7:04 AM

kara's new single Electric Boy will be done by Yasutaka Nakata!

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