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Aug 20 14 2:37 PM

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Hae Ryung

[2012.08.13] Hippity Hop
[2015.04.13] Ah Yeah
[2017.04.10] Eclipse

[2016.06.01] STREET

[2012.02.16] Holla

Digital singles
[2012.10.02] Maeilbam (매일밤)
[2013.02.08] Incarnation of Money OST Part.2 (돈의 화신)
[2014.08.27] Wiarae (위아래)
[2015.11.18] Hot Pink
[2016.03.03] Only One (SoljiHani)

Bio from generasia

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#2 post_url

Aug 20 14 2:58 PM

Great job on setting them up a thread. I've been waiting on their comeback.

I'm getting a feeling of something sultry like Every Night from the teasers.

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Aug 27 14 6:11 PM

What happened to Solji's face? Jesus. Really like the song though. They were my favorite new girl group until they decided to go MIA.

Oh, are they still under S. Tiger? If so, the MV would have this cute self-awareness, but if not, then that's a pretty direct jab at him.

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Aug 28 14 3:56 PM

^Yeah they've still been with him. AB Ent became Gamgak Ent, and then they went with him to his new company he formed with Duble Sidekick.

LE's rap parts are great but the vocal layout gets a lil disjointed for me.

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Nov 23 14 8:56 PM

For whatever reason, the song 'Wi Arae' is suddenly rising up the charts. It's number 9 on Melon. Not sure why exactly. but good for them.
They've been doing surprise performances to keep that momentum going.

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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

#10 post_url

Dec 7 14 10:58 PM

They're doing reboot promotions at music shows.

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#11 post_url

Jan 9 15 8:54 AM

I can't believe that fan cam has basically turned them into the next big thing... I love them, but it's a shame it's with this song. Probably their worst release..

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#12 post_url

Jan 9 15 9:34 AM

I remember I was a lil sketchy on the song at first, but now it's one I can't stop listening to lol. They've won M!C and MB so far this weekend.

I hope this success makes for a productive year. I'd love a full album.

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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

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Feb 21 15 2:24 PM

Rising girl group EXID is making their return this March with an all new track after making an amazing comeback with “Up & Down.”

According to a music industry inside on February 21st, EXID is aiming for a comeback this March and has already picked a track and composer. Their representative agency Yedang further confirmed the news, saying, “We felt the need to have a comeback soon. We are currently picking a great song. Fans can look forward to the new song soon.”

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Apr 3 15 2:01 PM


01. 1M 
02. WithOut You
03. 아슬해 (Breathless) 
04. Ah Yeah
05. 토닥토닥 (Pat-pat)
06. (Every Night) (Ver.2)
07. Up And Down
08. Ah Yeah (Inst.)

The song is said to be a sequel to Up and Down, maybe something along the lines of Phone Call~Every Night?

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#19 post_url

Apr 7 15 4:57 PM

Is it too much to hope that the song makes a statement about SK and censorship?
It sounds hot but the whispering 'Where do you live? Do you live alone?' is a bit weird.

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#20 post_url

Apr 7 15 7:20 PM

Sounds like a fun track~

I think the pixelation is a statement towards how girl groups are treated. Anytime a girl group releases anything that isn't prudish they are all called whores by some "netizens".

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