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Aug 19 14 8:02 PM

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Name: Mariya Nishiuchi
DOB: 1993.12.24
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Height: 170cm (5'7")
Blood Type: A

Mariya Nishiuchi is a fashion model/actress turned singer. She is represented by Vision Factory and distributed by SONIC GROOVE, a subsidiary of avex trax. She received her initial break into the entertainment industry when she was scouted in 2006 in her hometown of Fukuoka. She made her modeling debut in 2007 as a regular model for the magazine, "Nicola." She began her acting career with a voice acting role as Lyra in the Japanese language adaptation of "The Golden Compass." Her official acting debut came a year later with a role in the TV drama, "Seigi no Mikata." In 2010, she graduated from "Nicola" magazine and became a regular model for "Seventeen" magazine. Now she has made her debut as a music artist with the rock-tinged, "LOVE EVOLUTION," slated for release in August 2014.

Mariya Nishiuchi: "LOVE EVOLUTION
[ CDS+DVD+Seventeen Editorialized Styling Book | AVCD-16466/B | ¥2,400 (tax out) | 2014.08.20 ]
[ CDS+DVD | AVCD-16467/B | ¥1,800 (tax out) | 2014.08.20 ]
[ CDS | AVCD-16468 | ¥1,000 (tax out) | 2014.08.20 ]

02. Koi wa J-E-L-L-O
03. LOVE EVOLUTION (Instrumental)
04. Koi wa J-E-L-L-O (Instrumental)

01. LOVE EVOLUTION (Music Video)
02. LOVE EVOLUTION (Offshot Movie)

2014.08.20 - LOVE EVOLUTION

Official Website
Official Ameba Blog
Official Twitter
Official YouTube Channel

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#2 post_url

Aug 20 14 1:29 AM

Wow, not bad at all! She's definitely a better singer than most model-turned-singers (faint praise, I know). The B-side is cute, too.

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#5 post_url

Dec 31 14 1:00 PM

I like her, so far. Getting to see her on those Open Cast vids has helped to get to know her a little bit better.

Oh, Rising Productions now. No more Vision Factory, I guess...

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#8 post_url

Jan 7 15 3:18 PM

shes such a beautiful, likeable, talented girl =) I like her first single and 7wonders is something im listening to as well, digging her style. Im def going to preorder this single!

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#10 post_url

Jan 12 15 3:44 AM

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#12 post_url

Jan 14 15 4:39 AM

She sings really well live. Will definitely be getting her stuff.

Doesn't hurt that she's oh so easy on the eyes.  This girl is stunning.  Icing on the cake, really...

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#13 post_url

Jan 17 15 12:50 AM

Didn't think I could like her any more than I already do but she's a up it a notch by not being too bad of an athlete as well!  This girl continues to surprise me...

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#16 post_url

Mar 12 15 3:28 PM

She will be participating in DREAMS COME TRUE's 2nd tribute album and is covering "Ureshi Hazukashi Asagaeri" which is already out on iTunes. The album will be released April 1st.

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#17 post_url

Mar 13 15 4:39 AM

I really like her songs she released so far, she seems so natural, has the chance to become a big hit artist over time...

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#20 post_url

Apr 8 15 4:27 PM

song is ok, too quite for me but i guess the lyrics are nice I hope the b-side is gonna be a dance number - thanks for sharing

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