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Jan 25 16 8:47 PM

The FBGM remix is annoying as FXXK, I do not care for it at all, its a mess and all over the place. Party All Night, Kill The DJ, Kiss The Rain sounds very good, it may just make me listen to those songs more since I never really got into them with its original versions. Astroboy sounds like a lot of fun, but I hope the beat goes faster than what the preview showed. Whiplash is kind of "eh" to me.

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Feb 1 16 8:58 PM

Completely forget about this release. I really think they should have waited to release PoW! when it was closer to its release date. Unless, they are planning to make a music video for L.C.S, which in that case would make more sense.

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Feb 7 16 8:30 AM

I prefer PoW! as well.
It is my favourite song of theirs by now (together with White Noise).

Though L.C.S is not bad as well.

Looking forward to the release!
Still debatting if I'm getting the european edition with the shirt or not.

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Feb 24 16 11:27 AM

L.C.S PV was released today.

Physical album is out today as well!

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Mar 23 16 3:50 AM

Hello hi yes super late to the FEMM party but finally made my way here

One of the gay bars in the French Quarter was playing the Fxxk Boyz Get Money video (strange place, cuz it was a proper sit-down bar, not even like a dance club, and the typical patrons were of the older crowd), and the only reason I knew was because my friend saw them play it a few days before and asked me if I knew what it was. I was flabbergasted. And of course my natural response was to look into their entire existence and holyshit I am in love

One thing that's strange to me is the fact that the White Noise and Whiplash videos are private on their YouTube account. I thought at first they just didn't have one until I looked into it more (bless JPopSuki TV for having them), so I'm wondering why they hid them...

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

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Mar 23 16 4:09 PM

↑ wow that must have just happened recently, I’ve been following them since pretty much the beginning and all of their PVs were on youtube, up until I last checked...which I guess would have been a few months ago by now. that is weird.

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Mar 23 16 6:08 PM

Yeah. I mean, the prototype videos (that I also didn't know existed) weren't on their Youtube either, but that actually makes sense to hide. So iunno

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Apr 27 16 6:51 AM

FEMM are back with a new unit called FAMM'IN, formed together with FAKY and Yup'in.

Their first EP is out now on iTunes, including a new FEMM song called Countdown.
And I suppose it's out worldwide, as it's on iTunes Germany already.


<Track List>
01. circle / FAMM'IN
02. Pretty / FAKY
03. Countdown / FEMM
04. Lemonade / Yup'in
05. circle (Radical Hardcore Remix) / FAMM'IN

circle is a trap song with japanese traditional elements.
PV here:

And here's the unit's official site:

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Apr 28 16 12:00 AM

Huh. The edit for White Noise is quite noticeable. I kinda like it a bit more; you can see the full choreo quite clearly this time (from what I can remember)
Whiplash's edits aren't as major, but it's nice to see it's back up. I wonder if this means there'll be any other versions released...a DVD maybe?

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Jun 29 16 12:21 AM

Neon Twilight is great, total bop. Countdown is the more stylistically-experimental one of the bunch, but still pretty jammy. The videos this go round were alright, not my favourites, but I'll still replay the fuck out of the songs

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Jul 25 16 7:48 PM

What happened with this group? Their music was so unique to J-Pop, now it just seems like their releases are becoming more and more generic J-Pop electronic music. I mean, the songs are not terrible, but this wasn't the reason why I became a fan of them in the first place. I miss the old FEMM, not really digging this current era.

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