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Nov 24 11 4:29 PM

It came out 22nd November... >.< so it must be out there! somewhere :'( need it in my life

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Mar 23 13 6:09 PM

She just had a baby (check her her insta @ immicoco) It's a girl and I believe she named it Coco... I think it's safe to say she's given up at this point *replays her discography*

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Nov 29 15 10:29 AM

Two Faced EP / A-bee × IMMI out on iTunes Japan now!

1. Moon Lie
Lyrics: Jonathan Sun / Music: A-bee / Vocal: IMMI
2. Too High
Lyrics: IMMI / Music: IMMI, A-bee / Vocal: IMMI
3. Moon Lie (Instrumental)
4. Too High (Instrumental)

◆IMMI(イミー) Official soundcloud:

Preview of the two tracks:

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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Nov 29 15 12:50 PM

I got hyped until I saw "iTunes Japan". She's got a lot of tracks on her Soundcloud page. The new songs sound pretty good.
Oh wait, it's on US iTunes as well. Too bad I have no money in my account.

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Apr 15 16 4:12 PM

I'm so happy to see Immi active again.

From her Myspace and Soundcloud pages, I've been able to mostly piece together RimmiX 2, but I can't find BubbleBaby anywhere.

Still I've been able to gather together 6 out of 7 of the songs - I just wish I could get higher quality than 128kbps.

It's so awesome to see a full version of Seahorse along with other stuff - I've been listening to her songs with A-bee and The PBJ for hours now lol.

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May 17 16 7:31 PM

RimmiX 2 and IMMI Works

If anyone is interested, I have the entirety of RimmiX 2 and I put together an album called IMMI Works based on stuff around the web.

The songs are only 128kbps since that's the highest quality that I can get, but still...


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