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Jan 12 14 8:40 PM

Kana's most likely there on vacation. And probably doesn't know she has an international fanbase (unlike ayumi). Also maybe just wants some privacy?

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Jan 26 14 9:01 AM

Kana wrote some new lyrics last week...hope something new's coming...soon.
I'd not stand another single in late 2da269c617b374468539f0cc19cfb94d0e5ce4be


her first book will be out the 14th of March, the title will be "LOVE STORY"

西野カナデビュー5年を記念した 初のオフィシャルBOOK「LOVE STORY」が 3月14日(金)講談社より発売決定!!

more infos about the book:

西野カナデビュー5年を记念した初のオフィシャルBOOK「LOVE STORY」が3月14日(金)讲谈社より発売决定!!

cover is out, I looove it


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Mar 25 14 9:13 PM

She has a new song titled "We Don't Stop" which is the theme song to the upcoming NTV drama "Hanasakimai" which begins airing on April 16th, 2014!


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Mar 26 14 3:32 AM

can't wait to listen to it, 90 out of 100 she'll sing it at her final date of the tour, wich will be aired in May on WOWOW :3 a dvd will be out too

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Mar 26 14 7:32 PM

evilsin wrote:
It feels like it's been ages since her last single, considering she usually releases almost every 2-3 months.

Well Sayonara did come out at the end of October 2013 so it's almost been half a year. She has been busy with her tour though.

Another new song titled "Darling" will be featured on a morning TV broadcast on April 01, 2014!

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Mar 28 14 2:11 AM

it probraly be a b-side, I'm so happy! so many news!! And 1st April is Tuesday

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Mar 30 14 10:37 AM

We Don't Stop sounds kinda dance, my favorite song from Kana is Secret so I do hope it's a dance single, absolutely love her clubbish side.

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Apr 1 14 6:58 PM

But it doesn't sound like Kana, it's been a while since she sang with this cute tone. I barely recognized her, since lately her voice is more strong and deep. But the song is nice and has that relax feel attached to it.

But I still need to get used to her voice though...

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Apr 6 14 10:42 PM

The bit with the boots got me. I'm a fan now.
Mostly of the dog looking for a place to poop towards the end.

But really, this dude needs a burger.

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Apr 7 14 4:43 AM

Lol, that is like so me around the house whenever Brand New Me comes onto my iPod, but i'd never dare to record it and put it on Youtube.

Shame that after a while the audio will be pulled

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