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Oct 26 15 11:09 AM

ThinkingOutLoud89 wrote:
I hate her for pulling this shit on me. Been waiting for a b-side collection for ages and what do I get...a half assed whatever-best

Exactly! It should have been a b-side collection only. 

Also, they shouldn't let the fan decide the tracklist (Kaela Kimura's latest 'best of' turn out to be a total mess because of this). They often choose the most popular songs and not the rarities (which should be the purpose of a b-side collection). That's why there are so many album tracks. 

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Nov 4 15 6:46 PM

I love it! I like the music video but it gets a bit repetitive. I really hope she includes this song on her upcoming best album, after all she did include the promotional songs from her studio album like Alright or Be Strong. I don't care for this release, but her standard best-album like Love Collection I'll buy, SO PLEASE include No.1.

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Nov 5 15 6:39 AM

I didn't say that. I said that it's a possibility that No.1 will be included on her upcoming best a-side album like Be Strong and Alright did. And I really hope so!

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Nov 6 15 10:23 PM

No.1 is AMAZING. Could've been a single on its own!

I love the video, simple but well shot and Kana looks gorgeous! She doesn't have many good looking videos but I'd say this is one of the better looking ones Can't wait for my copies to arrive!

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Nov 15 15 5:55 AM

I love No.1 and I can't wait to hear it in HQ with surround sound, I like the cute pop blip blop techno sound, I have a soft spot for that. The sound reminds me of Distance and Make Up.

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Nov 15 15 6:27 PM

Have you guys seen A-gata no uta music video? It's so cute!!! And Kana is so beautiful in one of the shots (the one with straight hair, it's been a while she had her hair straight)

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Nov 16 15 4:10 PM

Love theses albums! I thought I would love the green version more, but the red is also so good!

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Nov 16 15 8:57 PM

Kathia wrote:
Have you guys seen A-gata no uta music video? It's so cute!!! And Kana is so beautiful in one of the shots (the one with straight hair, it's been a while she had her hair straight)

The song and video is cute, it's good. I like it, it's cute but natural.

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Nov 21 15 8:50 AM

Since the release of the "Secret Collections" I realized how simple and pointless her most songs are, I knew all songs before but the release killed my thoughts about Kana! All new songs are just bad for my taste, in every song you will hear boys, girls, love, a making dumb repetition of something or yeah, I mean it's not like other singers don't do that way but she's so overdone with this. I liked "No. 1" but it was just luck that I liked the repetition.

I don't know what people expected but they said at its announcement that it's going to be a coupling best or "Another Side of Best Album", no one said something about a b-side compilation, so I don't get why people are angry about songs of her albums are included on them. If you want a b-side best give some critics about the format but not about something that was clearly said.

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Nov 21 15 12:10 PM


You're welcome!


For me that's precisely the appeal of her songs: They're cheesy, repetitive, mostly about same stupid stuff, and sometimes insanely catchy (her dance songs). While I know this doesn't sound appealing at all, it is in the sense that sometimes it's fun to listen to music that's like that, too. At least for me, I like listening to everything - serious songs with meaningful lyrics and/or more "complicated" music, but also songs that are the complete opposite and I don't see anything wrong with it. Getting into Kana was difficult for me precisely for the reason that her songs sound plain and "dumb", and I still don't even like most of her ballads. The songs I like the most are exactly the ones that are cheesy and with questionable lyrics, lol. Simply because they're fun to listen to. In the end I totally agree that you won't find much depth in Kana's music, but that's not the kind of music she makes and that's okay.

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Nov 21 15 1:50 PM

Well, she said at the end of 2014, that she wants to bring in 2015, music that makes people happy, cheerfull songs! It's the music she likes to do nowadays, and it's been a while since her most dramatic ballad songs, a long while... I'm a Kana fan, but of course, sometimes makes me wish for something diferent from her (I was disappointed by Torisetsu, way to boring, Moshimo is way better and more fun). BUT then she brings amazing songs like No.1, and it's impossible to get tired from her (it's like a reload of love of kana all over again).
But I'm must be honest that Kana is not for everybody, but isn't it all the same for all the other artists? you can't please everyone in the world.

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