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Jan 31 17 1:03 AM

RicH wrote:
I think we'll get the same concepts but with different face expressions... like smiling crying etc.
That's kind of what I'm feeling too, something similar to Namie's FEEL or _genic, where it's the overall same image but different poses. Or, in this case, different expressions

Puta do Pop wrote:
if you do need the picture, then their marketing strategy still works
That's one of the strangest things about J-Pop fans in my opinion: so many people are like 'ooh I want this edition for the content but this edition has a better cover'. I mean, yes I will agree if there is a superior cover over the other (and 8.5/10 it's usually the CD-only edition), but if I were to buy the release I tend to go for whichever one has more content for me. It's just such an interesting concept to see put into action

DAT NEW PACHINKO COVER IS AMAZING SHFUASDASKJIASFAS. It really does look like a Kingdom outtake, in a way. Probably the gold and royalty look lolol

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Jan 31 17 3:16 AM

Oop at me being a wet blanket and annoying for trying to be a decent human being. Oh well.

That pachinko pic is so weird. She looks kinda puffy in the face, it's probably make up and lighting. I wonder when this was taken.

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Jan 31 17 5:12 AM

Puta do Pop wrote:
ThinkingOutLoud89 wrote:
^I don't think so since you would have to buy the same version twice to get the whole picture.

do you need the whole picture? or the music inside
if you do need the picture, then their marketing strategy still works

Thats by no means what i said, it is just the concept they went with (and Corvina explained it like 500 times now) that makes me think that we will have only one cover for all versions or slipcases.

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Feb 1 17 4:12 AM

Another new tie-in.

喜びのかけら from W FACE ~inside~ is the CM song for AOKI.

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Feb 1 17 8:07 AM


According to her LINE account we're going to have Bassline and Yorokobi no kakera lyric videos today and she wants us to share on facebook, line or RT on Twitter the side we like the most.



Last Edited By: Puta do Pop Feb 1 17 8:24 AM. Edited 3 times.

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Feb 1 17 9:20 AM

Yorokobi No Kakera is not bad but sounds a bit dated. waiting for more powerful ballads with new sound.  I got Some Show Me Your Holla vibes from bassline ^ O ^  it's gonna be perfect.

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Feb 1 17 11:59 AM

I am LOVING that they are investing in this album for real
All the tie ins were for "Inside", tho

I want some for "Outside" too

And I need commercials with her.

Wondering why she never promote her perfume on her MVs like Brit & others



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Feb 1 17 12:48 PM

If I was a fly gal I would stink of Kumi's fragrances!
Hope she will release a male or unisex perfume one day.
I also checked the products she's listed in her beauty book and they're all pretty expensive.

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