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Nov 6 13 12:34 PM

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Missing Yumi Shizukusa? She is set to release her first album in over four years, "A woman’s heart" December 18th. Not much info out other then it is said to include the new songs she has been performing live for a total of 13 tracks. Only up for order at Amazon so far. An official announcement will be coming soon according to her blog, where you can follow the album making process as she updates about it.
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Nov 6 13 9:20 PM

Finally! I can't even be mad at her for making us wait so long. She mentioned some problem with her voice in her blog this summer, so I hope she's feeling better now.

Three of the five songs from earlier this year are still up on her soundcloud page. Maybe some of them will be on the album?

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Nov 10 13 11:48 AM

01 I don't Love You
02 A woman's heart
03 Why?
04 Y.O.L.O
05 ~change~interlude
06 feel
07 The End
08 I don't cry
09 Dreaming
10 アルバム
11 Love Tactics
12 Move it
13 約束

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