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#1962 post_url

Oct 23 13 9:13 PM

Reservations starting for the DVD/BD?

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Oct 23 13 9:16 PM

Ah thanks, I was right then with the filming! probably followed by a December release as usual.



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Oct 24 13 12:39 AM

I wonder if they intend to release this by the end of the tour too. The first Tokyo date is at the end of November which gives them less than a month for post-production. It'd be nice if we got a concert from a different venue though. Osaka Jo Hall is a couple weeks before Tokyo and she hasn't filmed a DVD there since TOUR GENIUS 2000.

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Oct 24 13 2:13 AM

Mmmmm, I don't like this one as much. I think it's her make-up. her left eye especially just makes her look old or sleep deprived...

#1968 post_url

Oct 24 13 3:00 AM

I don't care which venue she filmed it at but I just hope she gave us the Arena shows of the tour and not the hall shows...



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#1969 post_url

Oct 24 13 3:10 AM

I doubt the hall tour was professionally filmed. She didn't perform in Tokyo for it which is where it is always filmed and literally no fans have mentioned any filming yet.

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Oct 24 13 3:10 PM

[off topic]

I came across this on her iTunes. It's her bio from iTunes Japan, but it is featured in english. It's got some interesting points:

1) possible Ayu shade?
2) They need to update this thing.
3) I HAD NO IDEA HER BIRTH NAME WAS 'Namie Maruyama'!!!!

[/off topic]

Last Edited By: coolawits Oct 24 13 3:12 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#1972 post_url

Oct 24 13 3:39 PM

That's weird, I never thought Ayu / Amuro competed since Ayu was a few years after Amuro's debut. D;

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Oct 24 13 4:40 PM

Of course Ayu and Namie are rivals, Namie debuted in like 1995? Ayumi Hamasaki debut like 1998 so they're not that far apart. Plus they're in the same age group.

Also, during Namie's hiatus in early 2000's, BoA and Koda Kumi managed to grab some of the popularity pie. There was an interview in which BoA said she was "lucky" because she debuted in Japan when there wasn't much competition (Namie being the primary one, wasn't mentioned but heavily implied since they're both dance-type artists).

#1974 post_url

Oct 24 13 4:43 PM

coolawits wrote:
3) I HAD NO IDEA HER BIRTH NAME WAS 'Namie Maruyama'!!!!
Maruyama is her ex-husband surname...

#1975 post_url

Oct 24 13 5:42 PM

"harder edged and more risqué than that of her rival Ayumi Hamasaki" – THAT SHADE!! But it's very interesting bio, thank you for posting it.

#1976 post_url

Oct 24 13 5:43 PM

Namie debuted in 1992 not 1995 and Ayu debuted in 1995 not 1998! Namie begin a solo artist in 1995 and Ayu begin her successfull career in 1998 I think the DVD/Blu-Ray it will be released in 2014.



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#1977 post_url

Oct 24 13 6:53 PM

The iTunes biography is not entirely factually accurate. The biggest error being her actual name. Namie Amuro is not her stage name, it is her birth name. Maruyama as been stated, is Sam's last name (real name Masaharu Maruyama). She took his name personally when they married, but she has been Amuro again since the divorce.

I don't think the Japanese media thinks of Ayu and Namie as major adversaries. I suppose they are rivals but not in the same way Seiko and Akina are rivals. I believe Ayu has said she views Namie as her senior. Regardless of their similar age, they didn't achieve success in the same generation so they're not the same cohort. Generationally, I've always thought of Namie's major rival as Tomomi Kahala. Ayu's was Ami Suzuki. Ayu and Namie are more like peers, who are viewed as competitors because of who they are. But they're all Avex girls and Avex doesn't make their artists compete with each other.

#1978 post_url

Oct 24 13 7:09 PM

I think the unfortunate and constant hunt for the election of a "queen of J-Pop" (which I wonder sometimes if it's not made worse, or even mostly driven by the western fans) is what ties them together as rivals so often. It's basically about a fanbase being able to shit on another.



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#1979 post_url

Oct 24 13 8:31 PM

Yeah, Ami Suzuki or Utada Hikaru are probably more accurate imo when it comes to 'rivaling' Ayu. I don't really care for the 'queen of J-Pop' title, tbh, I just like who I like and don't really care for the rest.

Last Edited By: zeopower6 Oct 24 13 8:34 PM. Edited 1 time.



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#1980 post_url

Oct 24 13 8:32 PM

Yes, and the best were from hikki fans with "First Love is the best selling album in Japan" (won!)

But it always seemed like it's more of a matter with non Japanese (or mostly non asian) fans.
It's like, the fanbases in Japan don't care for artists they don't adore in a good way or in a bad way.
Not including 2ch random trolls, but it's mainly ayu and kuu who get the trolls on there.

I wanna pre-order the blu-ray when it's up.

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