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May 21 13 11:51 AM

those bad edit on her tattoo! i can't! :O

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May 21 13 11:57 AM

WOOOOW! I'm blown away by the covers. There are simple but stunning. I especially love CD one with a smile.
They kinda remind me of Ayu's BEST2 covers though.

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May 21 13 11:59 AM

I love that she looks naked again just like uncontrolled lol

LOVE the covers, her best album cover in years!

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May 21 13 12:00 PM

Holy shit the covers are fantastic smiley: eek They totally make up for the disaster that were Uncontrolled's covers
Sight, hearing, taste... so excited for this release now. And I love the title too

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May 21 13 12:19 PM

Yeeees @ those covers !

Now wait !? Imagine if that tracklist is real and we're getting a song called La La La !? And imagine if it´s actually a collab w/ Kumi as she shot a video for a song with that same name !?

My soul ain't ready but that would SO fix whay Hyori just did 2 me...

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May 21 13 12:25 PM

Those covers are perfect as they are. I hope they don't add text on it. And... YES! Blu-ray vesion on the go!

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May 21 13 12:28 PM

Mmm... I'm not really feeling them. I mean, I love the black & white color and all, but she looks... old. My fav is the CD only this time. Well, still better than those for Uncontrolled lol

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May 21 13 12:55 PM

^ I prefer the CD only too. I thought they were magazine outtakes at first but I love them.

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May 21 13 12:57 PM

Wow very nice covers!!!! I'm gonna have the CD+Blu-Ray, it's a nice one, so me happy ^^

Now all I need is the tour announcement. I pray it will be a long one... till spring when I visit Japan.... *fingers crossed*

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May 21 13 1:24 PM

I was expecting some color, but this covers are STUNNING! My favourite is the CD-only version, it is P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!!

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May 21 13 1:26 PM

Wow! I'm dead! THOSE COVERS! Perfection!!

But why there isn't any text? Do you think it will be added?

Last Edited By: dodo May 21 13 1:39 PM. Edited 1 time.

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May 21 13 1:27 PM

pAiZaLa wrote:
those bad edit on her tattoo! i can't! :O

Or she really is removing it.

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