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May 10 11 3:47 PM

it's perfect, I need it in HQ. Is there any chance she'll perform it?

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May 11 11 7:15 AM

because tomochin is the real QUEEN of AKB and j-pop etc etc


image image image


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May 11 11 9:26 AM

^Thx for the large cover. Sorry about posting the song again, I swear I looked to see if it was before.

So I'm seeing a number of fans not liking Wanna Be Now followed with "glad it's just a digital single". Is it a chance it's not gonna be on the single coming in July?

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May 11 11 9:27 AM

^ what Nem posted on the first page

The two digital singles will not be included on Itano’s second physical single and a portion of the proceeds from the digital singles and her second single will be donated towards disaster relief for the Great Tohoku Earthquake.
precious duck <3

CM's simple but nice.

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May 11 11 12:34 PM

Thx for clearing that up.  It's a shame, I seriously wanted this song on CD soon smiley: frown

It's been stuck in my head all morning lol.

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May 12 11 7:58 AM

Awesome in HQ all right. Tomochin is really having a great head start going solo among the AKB girls. Acchan could easily surpass her but then again they're both going in different directions, image and sound - wise.

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May 13 11 8:41 AM

I was expecting something softer and mid tempo from the title and the initial photos I saw talking about the umbrella dance, but I'm happier with another dance track. Sounds pretty decent so far.

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May 13 11 2:07 PM

I really like how her solo career is turning out to be. Wanna be now is great, much better than I expected from the preview, and the preview of Ai ni Pierce sounds pretty awesome <3

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May 13 11 8:01 PM

She is definitely the star of AKB48 girls tbh. Not to mention the prettiest of them all IMO.

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