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Jan 21 14 1:10 PM

I get such A BEST 2 Black/White vibes from the covers, but I like the additional touches they added with the burning away.

I hope this won't bomb, I'm really rooting for her solo career to take off and for an album soon!

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Jun 8 14 4:01 AM

First album 「S×W×A×G」
2014.07.02 OUT
S=for Sexy=女性としてより “セクシー” に
W=for Wonder=いい意味での “驚き” を発信できる存在に
A=for Attitude=自分の “姿勢=スタイル” を持つように
G=for Give=エンタテインメントを “与える” 存在に  

1. Dear J
2. 1%
3. Wanna be now
4. 愛にピアス
5. Clone
6. ふいに
7. For you, For me
8. 10 年後の君へ
9. lose-lose
10. little
11. Girls Do
15. Crush

[Samantha Vega CD Tracklist]
01. Dear J
02. 1%
03. 愛にピアス
04. ふいに
05. For you, For me
06. 10年後の君へ
07. Girls Do
10. Crush

1. Crush (Music Video)
2. Crush (Making Clip)

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Jun 8 14 4:37 AM

That title and those covers are atrocious but my prayers for an album have finally been answered! Hope those new songs are good (although it's hard to imagine something called SWAGGALICIOUS not being a train wreck).

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Jun 8 14 4:17 PM

^ Completely agree! These covers look so cheap, what a mess. I'm still happy we're getting an album though and Crush sounds interesting. It'll be interesting to see how much it sells, this is the first solo album for a well-known AKB member right? I'm going to be pessimistic and say it'll sell 30k total but I hope for more!

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

#288 post_url

Jun 14 14 3:01 PM

lol once you get past how horrible the covers are you can appreciate them a bit for being 2014's standards anyway. can't wait!

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

#290 post_url

Jun 15 14 3:58 PM

oh wow you're right i didn't even think of that. right down to the bubbles.

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Jul 2 14 12:56 AM

I really didn't have much of an opinion on Tomomi and can't say that I've a fan of her voice but her song CRUSH is sooo catchy and perfect for summer. I hope she does well for her album release.

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Dec 8 14 3:22 PM

Hi there, first post in this thread!

I discovered Tomomi a few days ago, she looks like a Maki Goto × Leah Dizon lovechild, quite a pretty girl!! Gonna keep my eyes on her from now on..

N E W   S I N G L E
2014.12.17 release!!

(Regular / Limited type A / Limited type B)
image image image

I just love this song! So catchy!!

 "Limited Type-A" CD Tracklist

  1.     COME PARTY!
  2.     MAN UP!!
  3.     COME PARTY!(Instrumental)
  4.     MAN UP!! (Instrumental)

"Limited Type-B" CD Tracklist

  1.     COME PARTY!
  2.     Little Devil Girl
  3.     COME PARTY!(Instrumental)
  4.     Little Devil Girl (Instrumental)

"Regular" CD Tracklist

  1.     COME PARTY!
  2.     MAN UP!!
  3.     Little Devil Girl
  4.     Le Freak
  5.     COME PARTY!(Instrumental)
  6.     MAN UP!! (Instrumental)
  7.     Little Devil Girl (Instrumental)
  8.     Le Freak (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist

  1.     COME PARTY! (Music Video)
  2.     COME PARTY! PV Making Video

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#294 post_url

Dec 8 14 3:50 PM

Eh, not really feeling it. From my understanding, she's covering/remaking some K-pop song (which explains why I don't like it that much). The chorus is grating...I like the PV though and she does look fantastic.

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Dec 16 14 8:33 AM

In terms of upbeat songs, this is probably her best

Though would have prefered the limited B didn't come with the crappy whistle, kinda get it but still 700 more for just a plastic whistle I doubt anyone would want

Ugh I hope she never stops making music, roll on 7th single . D .

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