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All these teasers are really quiet.

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Thanks for keeping up with those, sora. ♥
I finally got around to a PC last night, but had a procedure done on Tuesday, so I've been out of it for a couple days.

The second Palette teaser looks pretty neat.

Cover + tracklist:
01 이 지금 (I Jigeum)
02 팔레트 feat. G-Dragon (Palette) - TITLE
03 이런 엔딩 (Ireon Ending)
04 사랑이 잘 (With 오혁) (Sarangi Jal (With Oh Hyuk))
05 잼잼 (Jam Jam)
06 Black Out
07 마침표 (Machimpyo)
08 밤편지 (Bam Pyeonji)
09 그렇게 사랑은 (Geureohge Sarangeun)
10 이름에게 (Ireumege)

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Love the song and G-dragon didn't mess it up thankfully.

The album is pretty mellow, but I like it a lot so far. It's not as adventurous as her past work, but it's still interesting.

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Is that a Good Day reference I see in the MV?
The song is super cute, but the second chorus video bits were so rude LOLOL I legit thought there was something going on with my computer for a split second.

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