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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Oct 11 15 2:25 PM

image image

4th mini-album, CHAT-SHIRE. October 23rd.

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Oct 13 15 10:02 PM

Yeah, it made sense after I realized the reference, but I kept reading it as "chat shire" (like that place in Lord of the Rings), which is why I was confused

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Oct 19 15 2:52 PM

These teasers aren't doing anything for me. They're well done though.

She's going to have a concert tour for the album, which starts on Nov 21st.
In addition to that, she will not be promoting on any tv shows. She doesn't
need the tv shows anymore, but still unless we get fancams of these performances(or she goes on Sketchbook)
we won't see any performances.

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Oct 20 15 1:10 AM

Yeah, considering the masterpiece that was Modern Time, these are a little more lackluster in comparison. I do like this audio the most so far though. Zeze > Shower > Shoes, so far. But these are only previews after all

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Oct 22 15 9:30 PM

Hope you're feeling well!

Oh I just realized that we have a video now. Guess I'll check it out oops

EDIT: I wasn't sure how I felt during the verses, but the chorus totally sold me.
Also, mini-album out on JPS

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Oct 28 15 11:28 PM

That's right. She played a character called Cindy in the drama The Producers. Cindy is an idol and she sang Twenty-three.
And now IU has a song called Twenty-three. Cindy's Twenty-three was not included in The Producers OST.

This is a performance from a fanmeet

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Nov 13 15 4:36 AM

She seems to really like Zeze

I'm glad to see she's at least giving these songs some performance time, even if it's not on the traditional TV shows

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