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Oct 3 13 1:12 AM

Tired of all the teasers already..just wanna hear the album. Especially excited for the song with Ga In.

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Oct 7 13 1:21 PM

The album is great. I'm a little tired so I'll have to listen better later. So far "Red shoes","Bad day","Everyone has Secrets","Wait", "Obliviate" and "Depression clock" are my favorites.

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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

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Oct 7 13 11:50 PM

Nice visuals. I bet Yoo Hee Yeol was freaking out while they were filming this. After quickly going through the album, I like Everybody Has Secrets the most right now. I do enjoy the entire album, though.

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Oct 8 13 7:46 AM

She's destroying the realtime ranking right now. She took over the top 10 on most sites.

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Oct 10 13 1:36 AM

Loving the album! As expected, the song with Ga-in is the standout track here, along with Modern Times. This is the album Hyori's Monochrome wishes it was, she pulls off that throwback jazz sound perfectly, and has the voice to carry it.

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Oct 12 13 12:35 AM

Love the MV. Definitely see that Great Gatsby influence, and I'm glad that they didn't just rip it off, but rather gave it their own feel. The song itself is quite fun too. I do wish they would've incorporated more of the actual Red Shoes story, but the fact that they referenced it at all was nice to see.

Also, Mr. Shoes is definitely my fave actor out of the cast.

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Oct 12 13 10:14 PM

I've only heard the teasers and performances from this album, but I'm really liking everything I hear. I'd heard a few IU tracks in the past and liked her voice, but wasn't impressed by the music. This might be the album that wins me over. We'll see.

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Dec 13 13 11:31 PM

Ooh fancy! I wonder if it's gonna be an actual repackage or an addendum (like her Real+). I love the image for this repackage too, really contrasts the old-timey feel of the original Modern Times look

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Dec 14 13 12:57 PM

It's a repackage. It will have two new tracks: Crayons and See You Friday

See You Friday is by IU. A song about looking forward to a date on Friday. It features Jang Yi Jung from History.

Crayons is by KZ and Electronic Man but the lyrics are by IU. This one will be released early because it is featured
in that drama IU is doing.

KZ did Sunny Hill's Pray, Fiestar's Vista, Gain's Sway and Meet Her.

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