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Feb 14 14 10:20 PM

sora2522 wrote:

A bit more detail into exactly what they meant by data loss. Plus some teaser pics.


"'Mr.Mr.' is a charismatic dance track with a R&B sound... It is the production of The Underdogs who worked with Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and other famous pop stars, and through this track, Girls' Generation and The Underdogs collaborated for the first time." (also with teaser pics)

That really didn't explain much and that excuse still sounds sketchy. They either have a backup and can easily use that footage instead or the hard drive faulted and it's gone forever. They don't explain why it would take days~ to obtain the footage. Also, I highly doubt SM Ent wouldn't have backups made during or right after filming. I await the announcement that they successfully restored the footage and the MV will be out at the exact time 2NE1's album is out. LoL.

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Feb 14 14 11:19 PM

YG was waiting all these months to reveal 2NE1's comeback just when GG revealed theirs so then YG can put it 2 weeks after them and overshadow GG comeback but then SM said this excuse so can delay it and put it the same week of 2NE1 or so and then dont be pushed back on the charts. so im ok with SM doing this since YG started it. or maybe its just my imagination lol i love stupid dramas like this xD

but now both ent. will win because a lot of fans are going to buy even more copies of the album because of that "fanwar".
i know some people on twiter that when GG comeback wasnt delayed, were going to buy 5 copies but now they're going to buy 10 lol

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Feb 18 14 7:24 PM

Jaxxia wrote:
MR MR single got rescheduled for Feb 24th. Source
The same day as 2NE1.
Correction: 2NE1 moves to the 25th without any real notice.
It looks like they just edited the date in the original article.

LOL. I knew they'd delay it until 2NE1's day and then 2NE1 changes their date too. I guess they ~restored the deleted footage~ to make the rest of the MV then. This is so stupid at this point...

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Feb 23 14 6:03 AM

The album is out on iTunes now
The album cover looks funny and the released date still says Feb 19.
edit:Mistakenly uploaded because I couldn't buy the title track.

And here's MR MR.

Here's the album

It's pretty early where I'm at so I don't know if these links will still be up.
The album has been leaked though and people managed to buy the album
before the block was placed so it's out there.

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Feb 23 14 6:22 AM

. . . So. It still released . . .

EDIT: Went onto the site to see if they updated anything, and looking through the individual teaser photos, I WANT THEIR JEWELRY OH MY GOD

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Feb 23 14 8:46 AM

OMG, I almost had a heart-attack when I heard it!! But they are such amateurs! How could this happen to them?! They should release it officialy as soon as possible.

Anyway, Mr.Mr. is absolutely amazing! I LOVE IT so much! It has typical GG sound, but it's also something new. I haven't heard the rest of the mini-album yet.

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#1949 post_url

Feb 23 14 11:46 AM

lool we even didnt have tracklist or release date xD i read the comeback was delayed to march but now sure they set the comeback earlier

SM delaying albums without tell it to itunes or what omg

some SONES on my twitter are going insane ahaha its crazy

im listening the mini and its nothing new or shocking good, but its nice.

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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

#1950 post_url

Feb 23 14 11:51 AM

It's not great, they've definitely had better songs. At least it's better than IGAB. The EP itself isn't bad, though the dialogue at the beginning of Soul is laughable.

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#1951 post_url

Feb 23 14 2:05 PM

How embarrassing. SM should have just left everything in place rather than trying to orchestrate a fight with 2NE1.

Mr.Mr. is nice. The best part is the breakdown part from the teaser though...

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Feb 24 14 2:05 AM

Is that the covver? It's got a slight Tarantino feel to it?

EDIT: Listened to the whole thing. Mr.Mr. was enjoyable, but definitely not what I was expecting. At least they kept the teaser snippet in. Also glad to see they made a Korean version of Find Your Soul. Overall, it's a pretty solid but safe release. The songs are enjoyable but not really anything mindblowing. Will need some digesting though.

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Feb 24 14 11:11 AM

i listened it more and yeah its nice but lacks something to me.
 the title track to me its worse than their last titles. at least IGAB was..messy shocking. Mr Mr is too safe.
the album tracks are ok, at least they're better than the album tracks of their last minis 

imo this mini would be better if it were sung by Apink
I expected to SNSD to evolve musically, but they're still stuck on the same since so many years ago -.-

i guess i expected wrong, cause this style is what defines them and they will be like this forever

at least f(x) is going to a direction i like

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#1958 post_url

Feb 24 14 6:27 PM

I like Mr Mr better than IGAB or The Boys, but it's pretty bland pop. The whole mini is meh, which is disappointing considering SM hit it out of the park last year (IMO) with SHINee's, Exo's and f(x)'s albums. Why do SNSD get short shrift?

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#1959 post_url

Feb 24 14 8:59 PM

Love&Peace/GG-JP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anything else really Mr Mr starts off alright, but doesn't really hold my attention like, say, Gossip Girls, Motorcycle or Lips do. But I'm DYING for the demo of Back Hug to leak. I need a version I can song along with!!!!! Why did their demos stop leaking :'(((((()

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#1960 post_url

Feb 25 14 3:31 AM

"Mr. Mr." is soooo weak. NEXT.

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