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Jan 9 14 8:17 AM

I just hope the girls will get a least some rest, I don't want them losing consciousness on stage.

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Jan 9 14 3:10 PM

BeatSpaceNine wrote:
How far back can they push it? They have a tour coming up, and I got a feeling the setlist will include tracks off the Mr Mr album

Is there competition that week or something? Why would they even delay it?

The teaser clip was shown back in December, so the MV is obviously also done already.

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Jan 9 14 4:47 PM

PSY is doing a comeback at the same time for SNSD.
Probably the only guy who could overshadow SNSD.
They might have to just chance it because their schedule for the year is pretty much set for JPN.

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Jan 15 14 3:38 AM

new to the whole kpop scene, but what are these comebacks? they dont seem to be exclusive to snsd
is it just like the term for when somone releases new album after a while?

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Jan 15 14 4:07 AM

Basically. It's closer in definition when an artist has been gone for a long while (Lee Hyori, BoA, etc.), but the idea is they basically "come back" when they release a new album / mini / single, since the K-Pop promo formula is a lot different than any others: rather than release singles to promote an album (in America, a hype single and then singles after the album drops, in Japan, a few singles before the album drops), they release a project with one title song to be used for promo. They may also perform another song in junction with this title track. Sometimes they may also release another title track but on the same project (which is a repackage), just to extend the promotion period, but this isn't always the case.

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Jan 16 14 1:17 AM

That was their last comeback, yes. Whichever song that gets the MV is typically the title track. As for this release, no information is out yet so we'll have to wait before we know what the title track is (although there's speculation it's MR. MR.?)

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Jan 31 14 11:56 AM

It sounds interesting.

SNSD's Korean comeback has been pushed back to late Feb/March.
TVXQ is getting a repackage added to their schedule and since SM doesn't like
pushing their bigger acts together, everyone probably got pushed back. EXO
had a comeback scheduled for March too, but no idea if they got pushed back as well.

Edit: Seems confirmed for February

That's interesting since SM the Ballad is also coming out and Taeyeon is participating in it.

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Feb 10 14 10:15 PM


the title song 'Mr.Mr.' will be first released on Feb. 19th and the album will be released on Feb. 24th.

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Feb 14 14 2:31 AM

Moh wrote:
Apparently there's been a data loss with the MV, so the comeback might be delayed.

LoL. I read that too. It will probably be delayed but the reason sounds sooo fake.

I think SM really wants to smash 2NE1 into the dust by releasing the album and MV the same week rather than separate weeks as originally planned.

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Feb 14 14 9:27 PM

A bit more detail into exactly what they meant by data loss. Plus some teaser pics.


"'Mr.Mr.' is a charismatic dance track with a R&B sound... It is the production of The Underdogs who worked with Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and other famous pop stars, and through this track, Girls' Generation and The Underdogs collaborated for the first time." (also with teaser pics)

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