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Dec 9 13 2:12 AM

I wonder how much longer SM can push the girls to their limits. Something bad is bound to happen =( I really hope they're going to get some rest real soon, because no one can work non-stop like they already do.

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Dec 14 13 4:25 PM

From the live videos I've seen so far (concerts etc) their Japanese performances sound too close to the album versions. That said, Love & Peace is freakin solid, but could have used more songs like Gossip Girls, Lips and Karma Butterfly. Maybe also Motorcycle. Hopefully their next album will keep following that route.

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JPC Admin

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Dec 14 13 8:56 PM

sora2522 wrote:
What are you talking about. They have a better chance of lipping in Korean than in Japanese >__>

They lip-synch in Japan 99% of the time. What are you smoking?

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Dec 23 13 3:21 PM

2014 Comeback Teaser @ SMTown Week~

Nw.Nw.? Mv.Mv.? WAT?

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Dec 23 13 10:04 PM

The title is Mr. Mr. Yeah I don't see it either. Rumor is we should get teaser pics next week.
Let's see if it happens.

I hope they release SmTown on DVD. Some of the performances have been great. Jessica did Miss Korea.
Yuri and Tiffany did Ma Boy. Sunny did Bloom and my favorite SooYoung did 24 hours.

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Dec 23 13 11:22 PM

It sounds so lipped, but I love that she performed that. I wanna see the other performances tooooo, especially the Bloom and Ma Boy. I wonder if they'd actually show the performances on DVD though, since they're not SM songs...

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Dec 24 13 1:17 AM

So we can tell that Tiffany actually sang. Her moves are little lackluster, and the camera doesn't focus enough on Yuri for me to really see how she does in comparison. It's not as BAD as I though it'd be, but it's the the worst of the 4 lives, but it also seems to be the most fun. Sunny's Bloom is KILELR though *cries*

Thanks for the videos Jaxxia!

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Dec 25 13 5:40 AM

Bloom sure is a lot more sexual than what SM would usually allow them to do, no? I also find it highly ironic that they sing a song like Karma Butterfly which pretty much describes their actual situation in a language they don't necessarily understand...

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Jan 9 14 6:20 AM

How far back can they push it? They have a tour coming up, and I got a feeling the setlist will include tracks off the Mr Mr album

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