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Oct 25 13 3:25 PM

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY their Japan albums literally make my life. The first one is one of my favourite albums of all time and the second was pretty damn good too! December is shaping up to be amazing! New Ayu Single, Britney Spears album and now Girls Generation! Needless to say I'm very happy. lol

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Oct 25 13 3:53 PM

yess I love her japanese albums a lot too! they go kinda dance/electropop and imo there's no fillers! not like their korean ones ugh.

I wish they stay in japan forever and never come back to korea haha. like afteschool, they're so much better in japan♥ ♥ ♥

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Nov 11 13 6:12 PM

The GS single is awesome, on the fence about My Oh My. It's cute tho, definitely catchy, but GS is just absurdly catchy. If only the 3rd album would be taking the direction of the first album, that was simply good pop with electro influences.

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Nov 22 13 7:46 AM

The new album's title is "LOVE&PEACE" (lol).

1. Gossip Girls
2. motorcycle
7. My oh My
10. Karma Butterfly
11. リンガ・フランカ
12. Everyday Love

Can't wait to hear the new tracks! "My oh My" is such a cute, funny song. smiley: smile

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Nov 23 13 5:12 AM

Sooo they literally shoved the two singles onto the album >__> Not sure how feel about that. But I guess they're not too terrible so eh. Guess we'll see how this compares

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Nov 24 13 1:37 AM

.... LMAO this album title. Basically they've covered all variations of the 3 words: Girls&Peace, LOVE & GIRLS, LOVE&PEACE

Why are they so obsessed with girls, love and peace anyways, peace especially lol...

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Nov 29 13 11:44 AM

thanks for sharing, like the covers but not the fonts
hyoyeon is the best
this is gonna be the first japanese album im not going to order, as im sure this will have 90% cutesy songs on it, which i absolutely dont like..

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Dec 1 13 5:06 PM

Glad to see a better quality version. The song sounds really good in my opinion. Their Chinese isn't all that bad either, both spoken and sung. I wonder how far they're gonna take this Chinese venture, considering how well their US career went...

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Dec 7 13 1:03 AM

There was a rumor that Soshi was getting ready for a comeback in January with an 'mannish' comeback.
SM denied the mannish concept but did confirm a comeback for early next year with a new appearance.

So they are going to do the Korean comeback before the Japanese tour again. They seemed pretty tired
when they did this earlier this year so hopefully the schedule doesn't tire them out again.

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