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#21 post_url

Apr 18 11 8:39 PM

lol no it looks slimmer! and her nose, it might just be because she has no fringe in these new pictures lol

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Apr 18 11 10:40 PM

Oh boy. smiley: laugh Obviously Taeyeon shouldn't have mailed it in for that performance. I think she just has times when she gets that "curl up into a ball" reaction when her emotions run or something unexpected happens. I will say she had a lot of issues with Music Bank even before having the audio monitor not work and the reneging of a second take on MLWSWY. Remember she (and a couple of the other girls) got blasted by some misplaced pyrotechnics, plus at the mid year special the year before part of the stage collapsed or something (I think one of the Shinee members fainted from it). There is a long list of stuff. and I'm pretty sure she hated Oh! and even said so a couple times. I think it showed once or twice.

In general I would say she is easily one of the most un-self entitled people in kpop. smiley: wink She always makes, and has been noted for pushing the others ahead of herself within the group (almost to a fault imo) and despite having the popularity to be one of the biggest solo singers in Korea, I honestly don't think she has as much solo ambition as some of the others. As far as Chinchin or interrupting I have no idea what that is in reference to but i'll be dammed if anyone criticises them radio boras AKA Gods greatest gift to the universe. smiley: mad I still kinda miss them even if the show did fuck up her voice and a lot of other activities.

Anyways, their expressions when dude came out of nowhere are kinda priceless. Especially Sunny's "Oh hell no".

Is it true he has a mental disorder or something? He was pretty calculated in his thinking. Waiting till the end when they get in the line with Taeyeon in the back, dressing like a stage hand with the fanny packs ect. I don't think anyone even saw him besides Sunny and Hyo. smiley: laugh Seemed like Sooyoung noticed by the time they got to the stairs and kinda stopped dancing and looked, Yoona I think saw Soo looking and walked over to see what was going on. Seo kept on going all proper and bowed to the crowd at the end. smiley: roll

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Apr 19 11 12:55 AM

On Taeyeon

However, if there is a girl in SNSD that puts other in front of themselves, its Yoona. If you look at all the pictures of her, she usually purposely trying to highlight another girl or is always pulling them interviews with her. Like any time they have a group picture with awards, you'll notice that Yoona will be the one of the only ones not holding anything either. I know a lot people hate her, becuase "she's overrated," but she really has the nicest personality. She just slightly dork and fun and also trying to cheer the situation up. You'll never see her have a bad day and out of all the girls, she (yuri and tiffany) puts the most into a performance. She certainly doesn't ask for the attention, many times she said its a burden and would love if they focused more on others.

On Sooyoung, I think that photo is just highly photoshopped and was taken closer to the time she did her cheeks (most people think it was botox, so it would be wearing off in current pictures.

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Apr 19 11 2:04 AM

Yeah Yoona. : D Love the girls who can't carry blunt bangs.

But yeah, Taeyeon has easily dropped on my list of favourites over the years (Yoona rising and even Tiff who I purposely anti-ed in the past).

My Ranking:
1. Sunny
2. Yoona
3. Sooyoung
4. Jessica
5. Hyoyeon
6. Tiffany
7. Seohyun
8. Taeyeon
9. Yuri

We should have a ranking thread for the Rest of Asia.

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#27 post_url

Apr 19 11 2:14 AM

My Ranking

1. Jessica/Yuri/Yoona (though I can easily understand why people would dislike Yuri at this point)
2. Sunny/Tiffany
3. Hyoyeon/Sooyoung/Seohyun
4. Taeyeon.

The girls 2 and 3 switch around like crazy depending on the hour. All you need to know are Sica, Yuri and Yoona are clear favorites and Taeyeon is my least, though I would never want to kick her out of the group.

I'm always amazed at how high Tiffany gotten, considering I used to hate her. Girl has really grown up a lot.

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Apr 19 11 2:19 AM

feelmymind wrote:
I'm always amazed at how high Tiffany gotten, considering I used to hate her. Girl has really grown up a lot.
Lol, we were in the same boat. I hated Tiff too, but she's gotten more tolerable over the years. I'm a bit disappointed about her look nowadays though, thought she used to be much prettier.

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#29 post_url

Apr 19 11 2:25 AM

I would say more than tolerable for me. She grown really likeable as person. I wasn't an anti though, I just wasn't a fan.

Tiffany's changes bothered me less than most people since most have gone away... or at least that what it looks like to me. I will admit, the first time I saw SNSD (back during ITNW, I thought she and seohyun <-also can't rock blunt bangs, were the least attractive.). Now, there no one SNSD member that drops out at me as being "flawless," they all have something enviable and some strange.

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Apr 19 11 2:33 AM

Yeah the short hair sorta made her look older than her age.

Btw, I hate how this forum keeps the previous avs.

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Apr 19 11 4:15 AM

Yo feelmymind

Da best tier:

Also top 10 kpop favs tier:
Yoona, Sunny

Love em tier of always shifting rankings:
the rest

I think I'm the only one that never disliked any of them (although Seobaby used to creep me out) smiley: tongue

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#32 post_url

Apr 19 11 5:21 AM

My Girls' Generation Ranking..

1. Taeyeon!
2. Jessica , Sooyoung
3. Sunny, Yuri
4. Tiffany
5. Seohyun, Yoona
5.5. Hyoyeon

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#33 post_url

Apr 19 11 7:32 AM

@jdthor Taeyeon always lip syncs the most out of the group. AND most of her performances lack energy (her dancing is just terrible and it looks as if she isn't even trying most of the time..)

My ranking:

1: Jessica/Yoona/Seohyun/Yuri
2: Tiffany/Hyoyeon/Sunny
3: Taeyeon/Sooyoung

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#36 post_url

Apr 19 11 4:20 PM

feelmymind wrote:
My Ranking

1. Jessica/Yuri/Yoona (though I can easily understand why people would dislike Yuri at this point)
2. Sunny/Tiffany
3. Hyoyeon/Sooyoung/Seohyun
4. Taeyeon.   
Why? smiley: frown

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Apr 19 11 4:41 PM

^ I just going to say the same thing, actually. xD

My ranking just because everyone else's doing it:

01. Hyoyeon
02. Yuri
03. Seohyun
04. Yoona
05. Jessica
06. Sooyoung
07. Tiffany
08. Sunny
09. Taeyeon

Everything's kinda random after Yuri since I haven't been paying that much attention to them lately, except for their releases. I don't dislike any of them, though, although Taeyeon pisses me off sometimes and Sunny's kinda annoying.

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Apr 19 11 5:48 PM

My ranking would have to be


I hope the Mr. Taxi PV is released soon ~

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#39 post_url

Apr 19 11 7:13 PM

On the AKB:

PJ: he is not AKB lyricist. He didn't even write the lyrics, he just wrote them a SONG. ONE SONG. Compared to dozens he has done for Korean artist. So stop calling him AKB anything. He a Korean composer that was hired by AKB.

On the albums
No news on the album. I can't see them making any type of announcement till after the single is released so it wouldn't interfere with sales. Just hang tight, they're going to be in Japan for most of the summer.

On Taeyeon:
If you're going to defend her stick to facts. None of them sang life during the first two Japanese shows, becuase they're Japanese still needed work. And Tiffany, by FAR, sings the most live. If you say things that are really false, it sounds like blind staning...

On why I understand why people dislike Yuri:
Because she is everywhere. Yoona had the same problem. People start disliking other becuase people do overrate them (Yes, some/lots of Yuri fans overrate her). She also really really hyper and goofy, which can turn a lot people off.

Each SNSD member is getting a special edition cover of Korean Marie Claire in the May issue.
image image image image image image image image image
to much photoshopping as usual

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#40 post_url

Apr 19 11 9:03 PM

I feel like I'm posting in bizzaro world or something. smiley: laugh I'm not even going to argue anymore despite you guys being totally off base here. I can see where these things lead. Everybody gets mad, nobody changes their mind on the issue at hand, the end. It's pretty freaking pointless. Plus I'm just too excited for Mr. Taxi's awesomeness to even care about unsupported and stupid as hell assertions. smiley: wink

I just hope Taeyeon remembered Jessica's customary birthday licking this year with all the attempted kidnappings and what not. smiley: pimp



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