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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Jan 16 17 11:09 PM

I like it. The MV makes no sense to me, though. I feel like all of SM's videos have been like this for a couple years.

Btw y'all gotta hear Magic:

The only song I'd skip on shuffle is Love & Affection tbh.

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Jan 16 17 11:52 PM

The MV looks like typical K-Pop visual porn to me looool. Like, the way it's shot has that specific aesthetic? It's hard to explain. Still pretty tho
Song's pretty good, quite suiting for her, but not really too too groundbreaking (versus like, Luna's Free Somebody. Iunno why but it was the first comparison to come to mind)
Magic's pretty good too, since you posted it I thought I'd listen, but it may need a bit of listening for me

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Jan 18 17 9:21 PM

Strong mini-album, although "Don't Say No" isn't that special, it fits her quite well! I'm surprised by the consistency and quality of the girl's mini-albums so far.

"Magic" and "Bad Love" are my favorite tracks!

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Jan 20 17 1:28 AM

DeepFried wrote:
Strong mini-album, although "Don't Say No" isn't that special, it fits her quite well!
Perfectly worded how I feel about it lolol. It's a good song, but not super amazing like Luna's Free Somebody for instance (MAH DHL JAAAAAM), but it fits her so well

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Feb 15 17 5:34 PM

Did she tie up the other members? Also those lenses are terrifying. Who even is this omf

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Feb 16 17 1:57 PM

Goodbye GG. I'll be anticipating the "last song to be released on XX/XX/XX" very shortly.

But I'm still pumped for her full album! She looks fierce in this MV I hope her title track is fierce too and not another mid-tempo

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Feb 18 17 3:37 AM

Iunno, I honestly felt like it did fit. Considering the rest of the song's got this dark jazz feeling to it, having the sultry bluesy line works. Especially when she sings along with it in that final chorus
The video is GORGEOUS. Her styling reminds me of BoA for some reason though. Like, Kiss My Lips era BoA. But either way I'm here for it

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Feb 18 17 9:16 PM

Uh that drop is awful. She took some lessons from Hyorin lol
Those lenses are also scary but the video is really good

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