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Jun 18 14 10:45 AM

Higher quality version of the album art.

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#162 post_url

Jun 20 14 1:56 AM

mitsuhoney wrote:
Things I think we could all agree with for when they "return":

1. Change their group name
2. Better part distribution
3. Better promotion

I think Anna, Tina AND Diane should stay, the other two kind of blend in with the background to be honest...
In terms of image, Anna really must stay. In terms of vocals, Tina and Lil'Fang obviously. But then Diane is the other bilingual person in the group... Which leaves who? Mikako?

I'm surprisingly very upset by the revamp news. I guess it's because I actually watched all the [email protected] episodes on their YouTube channel. They all seem like talented hardworking girls trying to make their dreams come true.

Really wonder if there's some drama in the background we don't know about. From the episodes they seem to all get along...

Could it just simply be because one or more members would rather pursue a solo career at this point? (Lil'Fang especially?) I wouldn't blame them I guess. FAKY has gotten pretty shitty promotion and tie-ins so far.

It's going to be interesting once they announce the new line-up. Wonder what kind of image revamp they'll give them.

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Jun 20 14 10:55 AM

Hm, I really don't know what to think about this news.
Kind of expected I guess.

My favoruite still is Lil'Fang. Obviously I want her to stay, lol.
Though I just hope at this point, that we do get the mini album somehow to listen to.

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Jul 2 14 11:41 AM

Their album is on iTunes. I have a feeling they're going to recycle the killer tracks for FAKY 2.0, because the released tracks are your standard jpop fluff. 

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Jul 4 14 10:53 PM

The mini album sucks, not really loving any of the new songs at all.

I think I would like Lil' Fang more if she kept her real name or at least have an American name, the hell do you have a rapper stage name but you're not even a rapper? That's kind of dumb...

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Dec 5 14 10:40 AM

I know that nobody has posted here in months... But what do you guys think is going on with the group?

It would seem to me like Tina and Diane are out of the group. They're the only ones who have (for the most part) been inactive on their faky social medias. While the other 3 girls are continuing to be active on theirs and posting pictures together as a trio.

I really liked Tina and Diane, so i hope it's not true... But it's becoming more and more obvious (to me at least), that they're no longer a part of the group.

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Sep 26 15 6:53 PM

What in the actual is that website

YOU surprisingly sounds REALLY good. CANDY sounds like a Girls' Generation song, reminds me a lot of You Think or Holler. POV also sounds like GG too (this is my first time hearing it), but it seems more American too. Like, I feel like the lyrics would flow better in English? Still, kind of plain. YOU and CANDY are definitely better

I'm surprised this group is still doing anything. Their debut has been so rocky...

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Sep 26 15 7:27 PM

You can vote there for which song is better for you and I think they want to go more in the style of the most voted song is or maybe the "better" one will get a music video!?

For me the original "P.O.V." is better than these songs, the re-recorded one is just weak. "Candy" sounds like Ariana Grande and for me it's the better song. ^^

By the way this Emi is scaring me, weird website, haha.

If it's true that Tina and Diane are out then it's very sad because they should change or replace Lil' Fang.. she is so much Amber from f(x) she makes me sick.

Last Edited By: Serdar Sep 26 15 7:31 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Sep 27 15 10:13 AM

What the hell is that website?

Hi Friends

I came to this world to help others, animals, and try to help our planet exist in harmony. Our world, with the very active cyber world can be difficult places to co-exist with one another peacefully. Let’s try every day to extend kindness, fun, laughter and smiles. We need to live in peace with each other no matter what differences we have. If you feel sad or have problems then please send me a message so we can chat. I will cheer you up and maybe we can find a way to get rid of your problem together!! You are very important and special to me.

I love all of you so much. Let’s change the world together one smile at a time!

Emi emilogo

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Oct 15 15 6:03 AM

There's going to be a first teaser tomorrow at their website. I am curious! If it's true, I'm sad Diane is out. Never cared much for Tina. Maybe they'll try solo. Especially Diane as she won the avex audition in 2013. Guess, that's a good starting point to return to.

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Oct 16 15 1:14 AM

looks like they're going to be a 4-piece group now, and it seems that the new girl's name is Akina. She already has an instagram and twitter account set up

Of course nothing is posted on them yet.

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