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May 30 16 4:54 AM

I really enjoy their Candy EP, too. And they're quite active as well. They have a LINE blog now with regular updates, they just had their first performance as FAMM'IN with FEMM and just recently they were featured in Popteen, where Akina also is a part time model. I hope it goes on like that with some new music in between. But glad to hear there's a physical release planned!

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May 30 16 3:40 PM

Yeah, this would've been an amazing release if I didn't go grab the leaked versions of the songs and played them to death. It's a great mini-album! "Are You OK?" is enjoyable!

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Aug 18 16 6:34 AM

I was not expecting this to arrive as it had been 3 months, granted it was sent snail mail to the UK. It's the postcard for having pre-ordered the album on iTunes worldwide. It's personalised to me, which is pretty cool. Shame I can't read the Japanese.

I wonder when we're going to get that full CD album that was mentioned ages ago.

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Aug 18 16 1:40 PM

I'm glad that the ones who could write in English chose to for their international fans! The Japanese basically says the same thing, from what I could read / remember (itsumo arigatou etc.). But that's pretty cool that you got a personalized postcard~

(Just in case you were curious what the Japanese read, Lil says: Itsumo arigatou <3 Takusan kiite ne!!! [Thanks a lot <3 Keep on listening!, and Mikako says: Itsumo arigatou!! Kore kara mo FAKY yoroshiku ne <3 [not 100% sure how to translate this one, something along the lines of "We regard FAKY's future?"])

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Aug 18 16 2:36 PM

Thanks very much for the translation. My Japanese was never the best, it's waned even worse the last few years.

Indeed, it is very nice to get something so personal. 

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Aug 18 16 2:55 PM

Haha mine used to be pretty good, mainly picked up from J-Pop and anime (such a weeb I know), but I never had the chance to practice it, and now that I don't listen and watch as much I've started to lose it a bit. I can still read the hiragana and katakana for the most part, but some words I'll either forget or not recognize

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Aug 18 16 3:37 PM

Ah, this is great!
I was too late for it, missed the preorder time.

And btw. "takusan kiite ne " actually means "(please) listen a lot (to the album)".

But I guess you can also translate it as "keep listening" in a loosely manner.

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Aug 18 16 5:37 PM

^ That makes a lot of sense. I just thought in terms of the fact that it's music, they just want people to keep listening to FAKY forever lolol. I guess Mikako's message can be translated cleaner to "We (FAKE) hope to see you in the future?" After giving it some thought at least. But I honestly don't know ^^;;;

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Aug 19 16 12:16 AM

Yes, she can mean the album or also Faky in general, both fits. Mikako's message is a bit tricky as it's a phrase. If you take it literally, it means "after this (the album I suppose ) be further kind to Faky / treat Faky well (in the future) as well". This always sounds a bit awkward translated.

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Aug 23 16 7:51 PM

Here's my card. I don't know any Japanese, but Lil's message seems to be completely different. Anna's is shorter than on your card.


I wonder how many cards they sent out and how long it took to write them all.

Anyway, here's the other side of the card.


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Aug 24 16 4:25 AM

^ Lil' wrote "itsumo Thank you, kore kara mo FAKY no koto Check shitecho" so it's the same meaning of "Please check everything we release as FAKY", lol. It was really cool of them to send this out.

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Aug 24 16 4:39 AM

Itsumo Thank You (lips)
Kore kara mo FAKY no koto
Check shite chu <3

I think it's similar to Mikako's message, basically saying Check us out in the future (kiss)?

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Aug 24 16 8:07 PM

I was going to embed the Are You Ok? drama trailer, but I couldn't get it to work. I suppose the "officially depreciated" Flash player might have something to do with it...

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Feb 22 17 5:17 PM

New digital single called Surrender coming March 1st.

I just love their musical direction since the reboot.

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