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May 12 11 9:17 PM

Jemima, look at... 2008? She released a mini in Feb/March and still ahd her album out in July

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Jun 28 11 5:42 AM

I don't really like her accoustic live...her colours don't shine in the right way to me =/ Maybe I just can't get used to her pop music. She can sing, I know it, but when she does that, she sometimes has a softer voice in my opinion and I think it sounds better. By the way, I love most of her dancehall songs, my favourite music from her. Her voice is amazing. Sometimes I wonder how she can rap like that, with such low notes...almost makes me doubt about her gender, a friend of mine actually made me realize that. I like Lecca, I'm not mocking her, her style is unique and I respect her as an artist.

I didn't buy her DVD but I would have if she did one for Urban Pirates/Otaku Girls no Utage/City Caravan. 

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Jul 3 11 3:49 AM

Che'nelle is covering lecca's "For You" for her upcoming compilation titled "Luv Songs" which features covers of Japanese reggae artists as well as other J-Pop artists.

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Jul 3 11 2:36 PM

^ Holy shit, I'm shocked!!! Of course, when I look back at the lives and such now, she definitely does look pregnant. ^^' I just didn't pay much attention, and I'd assumed that the clothes were just baggy, hah. She really didn't gain any weight or anything, just the baby bump... Wonder who the daddy is?? ...Maybe one of MEGARYU, hah? ;)

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Jul 3 11 8:03 PM

lol i'm very impresed too. i didn't notice it xDDD

aw, whats your very very favourite lecca song? mine is Kisara <3
but i love so much songs by her xD

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Jul 3 11 9:02 PM

Holy moly O________________O

That explains the no new music... but who is the father? Damnnnnn! I'm happy for her, but so surprised o______________________O

Edit: maybe that's what "hakobune" is about... her being the arc o_O

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