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Oct 23 13 3:55 AM


2013.12.11 Release!!

2. Sky is the Limit feat.RHYMESTER
4. ヤマトナデシコ
5. あいあん・はあと
6. to be continued
7. 恋初め
10. Back to U feat.TEE
11. 100年の明日
12. 霧が晴れるまで
・Sky is the Limit feat.RHYMESTER(MUSIC CLIP)

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Oct 23 13 4:41 AM

Just when I was wondering if we would have a new release this year.
Freaking excited, that snippet sounds awesome! And the covers look great!

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

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Oct 24 13 9:57 PM

YESS! new music from both lecca and Juliet in December (speaking of, we seem to have similar taste in music Sukowe lol). New music from lecca is always a highlight of the year for me, she is one of those artists I have consistently followed and been interested in, he music never declines in quality, and I'm pretty sure that will continue to be the case for as long as she's releasing music, she is seriously one talented girl. the covers look nice, she looks great and I look forward to the song with Tee.

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Nov 5 13 3:06 PM

I'm a bit late on that but that teaser just made my day, can't wait TT___TT I'm glad to see such a beautiful cover. We're soooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from Step One, thank god. Zoolander's was already nice but this top junction's cover is probably one of my favorites of her, alongside Urban Pirates.

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Nov 28 13 4:47 AM

As much as I love Lecca, I am not really impressed with those previews, maybe because they're too short.

They all sound pretty good, but not as much as ZOOLANDER songs.

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Nov 28 13 5:27 AM

^ lecca can be a hit or miss for me, for instance I still listen to only 1 song (Akashi) excluding singles from Power Butterfly, but I absolutely adore Step One in it's entirety. ZOOLANDER was okay overall, but in the end only Golden Lion and Clown Love stuck with me. Previews are very promising for me so far.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

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Dec 13 13 12:41 PM

the album charted at #8 for its first day, #16 for its second day and #24 for its third day (it's been going down by eights, tomorrow it will be 32?). its first day was better than ZOOLANDER's (#14) but at the rate its been dropping it's really hard to tell how the first week is gonna turn out...

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