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Mar 28 17 12:54 AM

Oh there's a melody but then they do something to disrupt it. The song goes
"Wait a minute! I'll be yours. Baby I'll be yours". Then Minah comes with that long ass line. I'LL BE YOURS
I wonder if that line could have been delivered differently. I like what it says but it's a bit too long.
I like the song. I've been humming the song all day. I just can't hum that last bit of the chorus.

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Mar 28 17 2:39 AM

It's more that the melody didn't go the way I was expecting it, and I'm talking about right from the get-go (Mina's solliloquy aside). It is growing a bit but it's not as catchy to me for some reason. Still, I can't say it's a weak comeback; the video and dance and everything otherwise is actually pretty good

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Apr 11 17 2:01 PM

Did anyone else listen to the EP? I couldn't believe that it was a Girl's Day release. It's really good. I think I like Don't Be Shy the most.

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Apr 19 17 10:25 PM

Also the girls just had their goodbye stages so the promotion period is over.

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