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Jun 29 14 2:14 AM

Yeah. It's a minialbum with a title track by Duble Sidekick to celebrate their 4th anniversary.

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Jul 9 14 11:18 PM

Yeah, still pretty mixed on the preview. I think it's because that kind of swing sound with the sexy summer image (well, the washing cars and whatnot aspects) kinda clash? Or that I don't really envision summer with that bigband swing sound...but we'll see. There's potential, but for now I'm kind of iffy

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Jul 13 14 8:18 PM

It's a cute song, but it lacks impact for me. It does make the group seem more together than Something did.

Minah's solo seems to have disappeared for the moment.  so we wait...

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Jul 13 14 9:04 PM

Based on the previews, I was actually scared I wouldn't like it. Listening to i though, I love it a lot. I do agree with Jaxxia that it doesn't really have TOO much impact on first listen, but I feel like it'll grow on me

EDIT: Is the mini supposed to be "Summer party" or "Everyday #4"? Since their website is completely useless, I ususally check MeLon, and they have it as the latter, but it's also listed as Summer party here and there....

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Jul 13 14 9:41 PM

I'm seeing Everyday 4, but the only album cover I can find says Summer Party. Maybe a subtitle?
They seem to like having Everyday (is a) Girl's Day on each EP.

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Jul 13 14 10:49 PM

I'll go with Everyday 4 then. I like the consistency. More anal tagging questions: I've been tagging the minis with Roman numerals (Everyday I, Everyday II, Everyday III). Should this one be IV or 4?

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Jul 18 14 8:25 AM

Moh wrote:
Didn't you like Something? laugh.gif
Not at all, it was not bad but it did not really pull me in at all, I think the "taking a dump" choreography turned me off from it completely, lol.

Meanwhile, I love Darling and how retro it sounds, its very 1960's meets 2010's, very good song. I like the choreography.

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Oct 15 14 4:18 AM

Visually, this is definitly their best video to date. It's totally got that vintage artistic K-Pop meaningful video look, but I love it so much. The song was kind of rocky for me at the beginning, but as it went on it got better, and the chorus was what finally sold me. Shame that they aren't gonna perform the song, but I'll still enjoy it anyway. I wonder why they chose not to promote it. I know it's not commonly done, so it seems interesting that they decided not to

Looking up info about the release, turns out it's a special ballad mini-album, released on smart card format rather than a CD. The other songs are ballads that they've already released (Look at me, Show you, I Don't Mind, and White Day), which kind of makes the release slightly useless, but interesting at least.

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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

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Mar 8 15 11:57 PM

Yeah, it's Minah. A mini-album on March 16th.

If anyone's interested, Hyeri is in a K-Drama called Seonam Girls' High School Investigators.

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