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Sep 21 13 2:34 PM

One of the girls is releasing a solo album in November. They are "discussing" which one it will be.

I'm hoping it's Sojin. It has to be either Minah or Sojin. Yura is in a drama.
It could also be Hyeri but I feel that they should give the chance to one of the original members.
Minah is a Inkygayo MC but it wouldn't be the first time someone has preformed and MCed the show at the same time.

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Sep 21 13 3:28 PM

I feel like, since Minah is the voice of the group, she's the most likely to get one. Yura's the rapper, so she'll probably be on the backburner for a solo release for the time being (she's no Hyuna who gets facetime left and right...)
I'm hoping Hyeri cuz she's my bias, but we'll see. Who's the most popular out of them, really?

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Sep 21 13 11:56 PM

Minah is totally getting the solo spot... She's the most popular and has the most impressive vocal range (although that other one, Sojin(?) has the better voice IMO).

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Nov 8 13 9:00 PM

So Minah has been confirmed to be the solo but it has been delayed and they don't know when it's happening.
There will be no group comeback for the rest of the year. They will just focus on the year end events.
They mention that a new song will be released early next year.

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Jan 2 14 10:44 PM

Why can't all of them come out with a solo EP? I want a Sojin one. And the hot one too. And the rapper. And a triple Ji album. And the hot one.

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Jan 2 14 11:02 PM

The issue with solo releases is that they're usually reserved for the most popular member, so not everyone's going to necessarily get a solo

In other news, finally out!

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Jan 3 14 12:06 AM

its another SISTAR's Alone version. im ok with it but i wanted something sexy-upbeat >.<

now i don't remember the other alone's versions, but i know there are like 176567356 milions. im gonna make a list

the b-side is cool♥ ♥

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Jan 3 14 12:35 AM

This song is all Minah vocals and Sojin presence. I'm even wondering if this was a solo song possible for Minah.
I'm liking the song. I have a feeling I'm gonna get a little bored with this song. I want to start the year with a bang, but
there are plenty of other comebacks on way. I'm interested in seeing if they can carry this song live though. The song's
instrumentals won't hide bad singing like Female President did.

That almost crotch grab move scared me for a second, but the dance looks sexy-upgraded. I like it, but it's always
awkward to do choreography with ballad mid tempo songs. I think that's why they go to the most recent successful
version AKA ALONE for the choreography. ALONE had more sliding and Something went with more bouncing and pointing, walking.

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