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Jun 24 13 2:13 AM

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Label: Dream Tea Entertainment

Fanclub name: Dai5y

++Former Members++

++Latest Release++

Studio Albums
Expectation (3.14.13)
Female President (6.24.13) repackage

Mini Albums/EPs
Girl's Day Party #1 (7.9.10)
Everyday (7.7.11)
Everyday 2 (4.18.12)
Everyday 3 (1.3.14)
Everyday 4  (7.14.14)
I Miss You (10.15.14)


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#1 post_url

Jun 24 13 2:14 AM

I'm working on the front page so I just put the basics up while I hunt down some decent pictures of the previous members.

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#2 post_url

Jun 24 13 2:44 AM

Sweet! Finally a girl's day thread. Been following these girls since Oh! My God, and then was absolutely obsessed with Expectation which was kinda like a mini-breakthrough.

I hope they're able to grow on that success and newfound attention with Female President, continuing their new mature, sexy style.

I think it sets them apart from all the other girl groups of their generation who are doing the cutesy aegyo stuff that has just gotten so stale already.

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#3 post_url

Jun 24 13 3:02 AM

UGH FINALLY A GIRL'S DAY THREAD. I'm not entirely sure if I like the direction they're going. Expectation was flawless, but Female President is even more than I thought they'd go for...either way, Girl's Day hwaiting! <3

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#5 post_url

Jun 24 13 9:56 AM

I love the new song. TBH I'm not big on cute stuff, but they're one of the only groups that I have been able to tolerate when it comes to that kinda stuff. Overall Ilike the new direction.

Minah needs to work on those high notes live though. Girl is always screaming those notes out.

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#6 post_url

Jun 24 13 1:08 PM

This song just ended up being a typical lukewarm repackage song for me. Not awful but Expectation still tops for this era.

They've always been the most  cutesy aegyo style i can really like and follow. For me it's more flirty and fitting on them

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#9 post_url

Jun 26 13 2:09 AM

Everyone is like obsesseddddddd with the fact that they have a "sexual" concept but to me After School is wayyyyyy more sexual by pole dancing and not everyone focused on it. Like what's the big deal? They almost kiss? Because other than that it's just a normal kpop video.

And Expectation is way catchier.

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#13 post_url

Jul 26 13 10:28 PM

Girl's Day have revealed that they'll be concluding promotions for "Female President". But not to worry because they'll be immediately bouncing back with new digital single "Please Tell Me"!

DreamT Entertainment stated, "Girl's Day's will conclude their broadcast activities for 'Female President' on the July 27th broadcast of MBC's 'Music Core' and will promote their new '2013 Summer Special' digital single, 'Please Tell Me', immediately afterwards."

"Girl's Day received the greatest love from K-pop fans with 'Female President' during the past month. To return the fans' support, [Girl's Day] will conclude promotions for 'Female President' and will bring a cheerful summer song, 'Please Tell Me'."

"Please Tell Me" is described to be the perfect dance song for summer as it tells of the fun that happens at the beach. Stay tuned for Girl's Day's first performance of "Please Tell Me" on 'Inkigayo' this weekend!

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#15 post_url

Jul 27 13 1:02 AM

Well that was fast, maybe cause Female President was their worst title track to date and only went popular because of the fame that rose for Expectation...lets hope this next single is alot better than FP...

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#19 post_url

Jul 28 13 10:55 PM

StillStanding wrote:
Why does this remind me of "Loving u"?
Well they did told us beforehand that it will be a cheery summer song. So I was actually expecting something similar to Loving u.

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#20 post_url

Jul 29 13 1:16 AM

It's not bad. Had a feeling it was gonna be more aegyo than the last two songs. It's not really that strong though...(for those making the comparison, Loving U was WAY catchier in my opinion). Wonder how the video (if there is one) will look

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