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Jul 3 15 12:17 PM

Not impressed so far either

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Jul 3 15 7:10 PM

So I hope this is good because the last song I liked of theirs was Expectation, it sounds promising so far but it sounds more like "ling" than "ring"

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Jul 3 15 9:36 PM

Not sure where the footage is from, but there's another Next Week teaser with a longer preview, as well as a BTS clip of the video backed by the instrumental

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Jul 5 15 2:31 PM

Some more I'm going to reserve judgement until the song comes out. If you wondering about the different hair color, the girls are sponsors for some hair dye brand. Hyeri hurt her foot so she's wearing shoes.

Last Edited By: Jaxxia Jul 5 15 9:03 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jul 5 15 7:46 PM

Okay, that's an interesting twist of sound. Wasn't expecting that, but it does kind of work?
I'm loving these hair tie-ins though lolol
Poor Hyeri. I hope she recovers soon

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Jul 6 15 1:57 PM

I like the song at first listen. It's energetic and fun.  
The biggest drawback is how busy it is.  It almost drowns out their voices.  
Must be a trend or something because AOA's Heart Attack had the same problem for me.
Overall, it's catchy and sexy.  They all look great.  Sojin's blond hair sometimes overwhelms her
but other times she looks great.  It's too heavy in the front, I think.

Last Edited By: Jaxxia Jul 6 15 2:49 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jul 7 15 1:46 AM

It's not my favourite, but I do quite like it a lot. Definitely growing on me, still catchy and all yass greatest girlgroup bias etc. etc.

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Jul 7 15 2:24 PM

Finally looked at the tracklist, and while this is an album that I would probably buy (and I'm actually really contemplating it...), I'm kind of disappointed that they literally just took the two previous mini-albums and smashed it on there. Like, this could've just been another mini, or they could've recorded more songs or something. I mean, again, I'm not complaining TOO much? cuz I would probably get the album to have all the songs physically, but it just doesn't make sense to me.

Oh well, at least HELLO BUBBLE IS ON THERE <3

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Jul 8 15 12:22 AM

Making of

Comeback stage

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Jul 9 15 10:19 AM

Damn, these girls must want new anti fans and flop future releases. I thought people were exaggerating the scandal, but after watching the video I was really turned off. So rude and bitchy.

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Jul 10 15 10:26 PM

...That's....a lot. I would say it almost looks like a parody interview (kind of like Between Two Ferns?), but the fact that they apologized makes it p sketch >__>; what did they even say?

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#116 post_url

Jul 14 15 9:22 PM

Not so much what they said (except Hyeri she was being a c**t in my opinion even though she is my favorite member), it was more of what they were doing. Very rude actions (like the continuous putting the dumplings away and not paying attention to the host), but they looked both tired and drunk and kind of came off as rude and not even caring about promoting their album (which they even mentioned as to why they had to).

On another note the song had a nice catchy chorus but it quickly died it out for me and like the rest of their songs after Expectation, not interested in it.

Also, I dont know if its just me but I cringe at watching Koreans eat... that sounds so bad coming out but I dont know what better way to address it.

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Sep 7 15 12:21 AM

Girl's Day will debut in Japan the 30th of September with the album "Girl's Day 2015 Autumn Party" with the Japanese versions of Darling, Twinkle Twinkle and Ring My Bell.
Darling will be the main promotional single and will have a MV

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Sep 7 15 9:05 PM

The sound would do fine with the Japanese crowd, I'm sure. But considering how well (read: not very) K-Pop groups tend to do, I"d be surprised as well

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Mar 6 16 1:50 AM

Hyeri was rushed to the hospital for a fever and headache. She has encephalomeningitis, which is bad. She's in the hospital now so hopefully she gets better.

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