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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

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Jan 3 14 12:46 AM

I like the song, but that bouncing move is ridiculous. Makes them look like they have to go.

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Jan 3 14 2:10 AM

Yeah, the bounce is the only big issue I have with the choreo. With the whole thing, really (except for the fact that yeah, it seems more Minah / Sojin than the whole group. Yura got a bit in the second verse, but Hyeri was the one that's most obscure...)

I like it a lot. It does kind of have that ALONE slow-sexy appeal, but it's not just a complete rip-off

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Jan 3 14 4:28 PM

I love the song but the dance is quite horrid, do they all have to take a dump?

I am glad they came out with this song after all those disappoints after Expectation.

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Jan 4 14 1:14 AM

Really like the song. It's a little anti-climatic towards the end, but overall one of their more solid releases.

I love the choreography in the beginning and the styling is their best thus far.

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Jan 16 14 10:22 AM

poor her shes my favourite of this group.. hope she will recover soon.. these girls are working so hard and dont have the time to breathe just let them rest for a while!

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Jan 24 14 9:06 PM

Girl's Day made changes to their choreography.

Take a look at it. They focus a lot on faces but you can tell which changes they made obviously.

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Jan 25 14 12:31 PM

^Yeah all the sexy concepts are being forced to tone it down...

MB treated Rainbow Blaxx, Dal Shabet and AOA the same this week (alot of facetime camera wise).

Last Edited By: deimos9 Jan 25 14 12:43 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jan 30 14 3:44 PM

Even though Hyeri fainted recently and they are still promoting, Girl's Day is planning to release another mini album in May.
Also Hyeri apologized for fainting and she'll work harder next time.

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Feb 13 14 4:47 PM

they won for the 6th time on M!Countdown and the encore they do is crazy xDD lovely girls

they stop promoting it the 16th

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Feb 13 14 6:16 PM

This is the first K-pop song I've really liked from a top girl group in a LOOOOOOOONG time. Really looking forward to Minah's solo debut after seeing what she's capable of with the promotions for this single.

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Feb 20 14 11:27 PM

Minah's digital single drops on the 26th, according to Melon
I'm a little surprised it's happening since Minah caused a little scandal when she said that
no one saw Girl's Day first win because of the Asiana crash. That's not what she meant to say
but people blew it out of proportion. I'll change the title when an official statement get released.
That is a very busy week to release a debut single with SNSD and 2NE1.

Oh and the Girl's Day new album in May got pushed back to June now.

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Jun 28 14 3:24 AM

So...supposedly this thread updated...and I see there is supposedly a summer album next month........but there's no new post? *tilts head* . . .

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Jun 28 14 4:22 PM

OH okay. I was wondering why LADIES' CODE registered as a new posted thread too...

...So....IS there a new summer album?...

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