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May 21 13 11:48 AM

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Discography (as MUNEHIRO):


[2005.04.21] DRAMA -11 STORIES-
[2006.07.19] Up and. Coming
[2007.08.01] Limited
[2009.03.04] NEO
[2010.03.10] JAM
[2011.06.29] RAINBOW
[2011.12.14] Singin' with the Boyz
[2014.02.19] Re:1st

Mini Albums

[2015.11.25] #7

Best Albums

[2010.09.15] MUNEHIRO BEST

Live Albums

[2009.09.16] MUNEHIRO Syndrome 2K9 LUV LIVE MIX!! (MUNEHIRO シンドローム LUV LIVE MIX!!)


[2006.03.22] STEP UP+
[2007.12.12] LUV
[2008.05.14] again
[2008.08.06] Hinomaru Power ~Kimi no Chikara~ (ヒノマルパワー ~君の力~)
[2008.12.03] SUPER WOMAN
[2009.09.16] LUV BOX
[2009.12.16] Maternity March
[2011.04.13] REQUEST 4 U
[2013.06.19] ANKORA feat. KENTY GROSS

Digital Singles

[2010.02.10] Baby Baby Baby
[2013.12.11] Don't Touch
[2014.10.08] PURE♡LOVE
[2015.04.11] FxxK U


[2009.09.16] MUNEHIRO Syndrome 2K9 LUV The Movie (MUNEHIRO シンドローム 2K9 LUV The Movie)
[2011.04.13] MUNEHIRO Syndrome 2K10 BEST (MUNEHIRO シンドローム 2K10 BEST)


Discography (as Suzuki Sarina):


[1998.06.04] Find Your Own Wings
[1999.03.17] Treasure Box

Best Albums

[2000.03.16] Moto ~seven singles & more...~


[1996.06.26] Nan Desu ka? ~Onamida Choudai (なんですか? ~‎おなみだチョーダイ)
[1997.04.16] Share ni Nan Nai (シャレになんない)
[1997.08.20] Boo Bee MAGIC
[1997.12.10] D.F.L (de facto love)
[1998.06.10] The Long Journey
[1998.10.28] Setsunai Kimochi (セツナイキモチ)
[1999.02.17] Gum (ガム)
[2000.02.16] Boku no Yoru (ボクの夜)


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#1 post_url

May 21 13 11:51 AM

New single "ANKORA feat. KENTY GROSS" out 2013.06.19 produced by DAISHI DANCE




02 ジュリアン
03 Stand Up! ~日ノ出ヅル国カラ~ feat. J-REXXX

promo photo:


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#4 post_url

May 22 13 3:31 PM

No problem! I haven't listened to her for a while but the new single info made me want to get back into her. And I hope this long hiatus she had won't make her go full on pop...

I'm still mad Singin' with the Boyz didn't leak, and her best album.

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#7 post_url

Jul 11 13 3:34 PM

So ANKORA leaked and the b-sides are good! Not just that but Maternity March and Singin' with the Boyz also leaked.....everything is great!

I think her best album and LUV BOX are the only releases that haven't leaked yet...

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

#9 post_url

Nov 28 13 9:02 PM

lol she looks so indie on that cover. i keep forgetting about her tbh, Up and Coming + Limited were such great albums but didn't dig all the music that came after that. except for the singles leading up to NEO, such as LUV, again, and hinomaru power, those were awesome but the rest of the songs from the album + subsequent releases i didn't find too interesting.
in fact, when LUV came out it was one of my favourite songs, i had the PV on my iPod and would watch it all the time.

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#12 post_url

Dec 26 13 10:04 AM

They had 2 members, but I don't blame you for thinking it was 1 person only because you're actually right, TELA-C has been the only member for about 6 years.

Surprised about the news. I thought they were a lovely couple.

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#16 post_url

Nov 6 15 1:07 PM

I still haven't listened to her album yet lol but I heard PURE♡LOVE and it sounded really lovely.

Anyway she has a mini album coming out later this month. PURE♡LOVE is on it and that really bad FxxK U song.

2015.11.25 ON SALE - MUNEHIRO NEW mini ALBUM 『#7』

01.Welcome To My World
02.FxxK U

(初回限定盤_品番)ZLCP-0214 / (初回限定盤)¥2,480(tax in)

「FxxK U」のミュージックビデオもフル尺収録した、豪華ミニアルバム!

cover and promo pic

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#17 post_url

Apr 2 16 6:58 AM

I love NEO and some of her older stuff so much, but both JAM and RAINBOW weren't that good for me, so I lost interest in her after those. RAINBOW was the last thing I bought.
Catchin up again now, still have to listen to RE:1st.
Currently listening to #7 and I like it! That's definitely much better again!
And I don't know, why you think so badly about FxxK U, I really enjoy it.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

#18 post_url

Apr 2 16 12:11 PM

like Corvina, I also stopped listening to her, for example I found ANKORA to be a very annoying song. but I should listen to her newer releases, I'm sure there will be some songs I like.

oh and isn't it interesting that she had a song called touch me... on Limited, but then she had a song recently called Don't Touch! smiley: laugh

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#20 post_url

Apr 10 16 3:55 PM

I heard the mini album a while back and it's alright despite some of the songs not fitting on, but nothing to keep my interest in her anymore sadly. If anyone wants this thread they're more than welcome.

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