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May 14 13 7:18 PM

He's not one of the writers of Demi's Heart Attack but Austin Dallas did some TLC songs (relating to present project)

But thinking about it they really should have credited him since he composed a part of the song first lol.

How can anyone know that a composition is already created though (regarding the song's not popular or even a popular one) in another country.
It's not like american artists for example know all the songs created in the world ever and that's probably the reason why it happened or happens.

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#1964 post_url

May 14 13 10:15 PM

TLC will be at the VMJ 2013. And I think performing also. Getting some exposure before the big show makes sense. If they bring Namie out, I'll be damned!

#1966 post_url

May 15 13 4:26 AM

I am still not sure how I feel about that dress. Makes her look like a target, or a hot air balloon...

#1970 post_url

May 16 13 5:54 AM


a new PV?! Yay

credits: chase-the-chance

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#1971 post_url

May 16 13 7:31 AM

So you mean to tell me TLC make a cameo in... ... Contrail? The uplifting pop midtempo? Wuuutt

#1972 post_url

May 16 13 7:37 AM

so many candid shots. she should really make more videos overseas lol

and i think that the neon yellow jumpsuit is for Can You Feel This Love (incl TLC?)

#1978 post_url

May 17 13 2:00 AM

some chinese article says TLC visited Namie on the rooftop, its probably not a cameo appearance.

read a chinese translation of Sweet-(June) interview with NA.  not much about new album.  i translate a bit.  The interview began with some fashion observation that ends with ' Miss Amuro, your long and shiny hair, its so beautiful, I am suffocated!'  Then Namie talked a bit about fashion: "My long hair is a wig, but the texture and colour looks natural.  I am wearing a shirt for photoshoot, which is rare for me.  Its a coincidence I have been buying shirts recently.  Usually I go for comfortable attire, but I want to wear something that goes with pants this summer.  Today I like the Saint Laurent pants that go with a hat.  Recently the pants are designed to be loose, you can stretch horizontally.  But these Saint Laurent pants are vertically elastic, good for showing off great legs.  I think they are for adults.  Prefer this simple style, and I like wearing pants that end above ankles, with high heel, make me feel so sexy!" 

As for album, she says she finished selection of songs, the rest is recording.  Also says she is not under pressure to repeat the success of Uncontrolled.  But people around her are much more concerned with extending her run of success.

The magazine next issue will have more on her new album.smiley: happy

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May 17 13 4:31 AM

we don't know yet unless they've announced that they will be on the set, filming, also, none of the parties confirmed that there will be a collaboration though.

i checked Chilli's twitter few days ago, she said "Can't wait to see @TheRealTBOZ on set today! Hot in LA..hopefully I'll get this MUCH NEEDED tan", she didn't said clearly if they are going to film a new PV there, but then again, we don't know yet, and I'm hopeful that there will be a collab between the two acts

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