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Sep 15 12 11:12 PM



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Sep 16 12 7:53 AM

NATE wrote:
Weird. "SO CRAZY tour" has been added to the reissue campaign. It'll be available starting 9/19.

It would be nice if they remastered the audio of that one (not expecting that obviously). It sounds so authentically 'live' that it almost comes across like a bootleg audio-wise at much echo.

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Sep 16 12 8:11 AM

oh I really like what they did with the obi, it's like a new version of the cds/dvds Can't wait to receive what I've ordered!



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Sep 16 12 11:21 AM

She really needs her own DRIVING HIT'S-like remix'd album...

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JPC Admin

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Sep 16 12 3:22 PM

Kind of strange that the reissues of the concert DVDs for "FIRST ANNIVERSARY" and "Concentration 20" are being released in their original CD jewel case packaging, especially when they were redesigned and reissued a couple years ago in regular DVD cases.

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Sep 16 12 5:58 PM

she is indeed so flawless I can't deal. precious photobook omg. makes me even more sad about the cancellation :/

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Sep 16 12 10:16 PM

Just let you guys know,
dont expect too much from the reissue albums.
They just have a new OBI for it and the CD is actually the ones they have in stocks for years.
So its basically old stocked CD + a new OBI.
not recommended for collectors.

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Sep 16 12 10:20 PM

^ No one was expecting anything to be different about the re-releases...

The tour pamphlet looks beautiful, the 181920 re-shoot is cute.

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Sep 16 12 10:33 PM

The blu-ray prices were so good I couldn't pass the opportunity. This is my first all-Amuro shipment hahaha.

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Sep 16 12 11:56 PM

Question: Does anyone know when this low-priced anniversary event ends? I wanna know when I need to make up my mind by



JPC Admin

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Sep 17 12 12:11 AM

It ends Christmas day.

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