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Feb 4 14 1:21 AM

That was hilarious! That whole thing about IU duet with Gain
just clicked in my head. I can totally see that about her.

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Feb 4 14 4:18 AM


At first I was like 'this is an interesting length for a teaser...'
Then it happened
I can still feel my internal organs crying from how amazing and perfect it is
I can't wait to see the full video now

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Feb 4 14 8:08 PM

The album is suppose to be a mixture of R&B,Ballad,Pop,Electronica, and what they call "Funky pop"(which is the genre of the title track). So I think the latin influence sound is gone for now.

Here the full video of Hyori and Gain's studio session.

here's the album cover. Two version btw.

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Feb 5 14 11:46 AM

Sorry for the double post.

The album is out now. Like it better than "Talk about S". I will say that IMO the album tracks are better than the title track. It may have to grow on me, but it's prob my least favorite lead single from her.

edit: yeah I don't like "truth or dare". Maybe the mv will convince me.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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Feb 5 14 3:44 PM

I think Q&A is my favorite, but I really like Black & White, too. Truth or Dare seems like a grower, but I think it's a solid mini.

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Feb 5 14 11:41 PM

I like it. Dance ver. needed.

This version is just messy with those interviews cutting into the dance every 10 seconds...

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Feb 6 14 3:07 AM

The whole project is so cool. Truth or Dare is so funky and groovy, I like it. Haven't had the chance to listen to the album yet though.

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Feb 7 14 6:14 AM

The song's pretty good. Catchy. Definitely has that Blurred Lines feel (plus the balloons at the end of the song portion doesn't help), but without the guilty pleasure (as in the song itself isn't all that bad but the lyrics are GOD AWFUL). The video itself was an interesting idea, but I felt like it could've been executed a bit cleaner. I wish they had more of the interviewing Ga-In on Truth Or Dare part, cuz that seemed like it could've turned into something super hilarious.

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Feb 8 14 4:40 AM

The choreo's super cute, for what it is. It kinda gives off a more BEG than a Ga-In feel though, in my opinion. Also, I find it interesting that she always has male back-up dancers, but different from like, BoA. Whereas BoA kinda makes it feel like she's one of the boys, Ga-In has personal servants following her...ehehe

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Feb 10 14 12:13 AM

MV w/o the interviews aka dance version

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