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May 30 11 8:17 AM

That totally looks like a teaser for Gain, we don't even see SunnyHill Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r
It's really good though, she looks gorgeous !

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Jun 2 11 3:34 PM

I believe she's only featured in the MV, not the song. IU is featured too.

This is looking interesting; Sunny Hill used to be a guy and two girls, and apparently another girl was added to the group for no reason. Want to see how they'll work on stage.

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Jun 2 11 4:07 PM

^Actually 2 girls were added. It seems like Brown Eyed Girls with Male Eye Candy that doesn't sing now. (really it wouldn't have suprirse me if this was their lead single for their new album) Slightly disappointing, but the song and video are pretty cool. Ga-in isn't in the actual mv and either is IU (some BEAST member is).

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Jun 2 11 5:31 PM

So hum... Does the guy actually sing ?  49716364be488094c84e8b10b3c9361530d18874_r And I don't get why Gain and IU were featured in the CM if they don't at least appear in the full MV but... yeah.
I totally love the video and the song, really cool. I just knew them because of Narsha's "Mamma Mia" but I think I'm definitely gonna listen to their next album.

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Jun 2 11 11:59 PM

I like the song. It sounds like something Brown Eyed Girls would do.

There is a man, the ringmaster, that sings along during a few lines. Is that him?

edit: LOEN happens to own/distribute the labels that BEAST and Brown Eyed Girls are in. In IU's case, LOEN is her label. Makes sense why they got so many of them in there.

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Jun 6 11 3:00 PM

It features Jea,you can hear her at 2:24.

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Jun 20 11 11:22 PM

Brown Eyed Girls set a mid-July comeback date

The Brown Eyed Girls have finally revealed a date for their comeback!

On June 21st, a representative for Naega Network stated, “The Brown Eyed Girls are currently preoccupied with recording for their new album. It’s been a while since their last album was released, so they’re investing a lot of effort into [their new album], and thus the preparation keeps getting longer.”

He added, “However, they will be able to greet their fans with a new song by mid-July. They plan to release a digital single and a mini-album right after.

The group will be making their return after a two-year hiatus.

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Jul 26 11 1:53 PM

Naega Network also stated long time ago that their comeback was sheulded for December 2010 so lol i don't believe nothing -__-

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Jul 30 11 11:23 AM

Oh yea, I forgot my favorite girl group ever exists...

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