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Apr 17 11 5:21 AM

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(MARCH 2, 2006 - PRESENT)





               JEA (
제아)                             Son Gain (가인)                 Narsha (나르샤)                      Miryo (미료)        
               Leader/Main vocal                Vocals/Makane                 Vocals                                     Rapper

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Apr 17 11 8:17 PM

I'm glad they finally performed! in so long. I haven't got a yt video to embed atm but they performed Abra at Thailand for the MBC special thing.

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Apr 20 11 9:53 AM

It’s been almost two years since the Brown Eyed Girls released their hit tracks,”Abracadabra” and “Sign“, and their fans are becoming impatient for news on their comeback.

Addressing the requests for updates, Nega Network replied, “The girls are working heavily on their album preparations at the moment. The earliest they’ll be making their comeback is around the end of June.”

Although they’ve had a long hiatus, the members have been busy with individual activities, like with Ga-In’s solo as well as her small screen activities with “We Got Married” and “All My Love.” Narsha also made a solo debut, while Jea and Miryo have been busy with photoshoots and track productions.

Nega Network continued, “It’s taking longer than we thought for their album. We’ve recorded over 15 tracks, but none of them came out the way we wanted them to, so we trashed everything. Even if their next album is delayed a bit, we’d rather fill it with tracks we’re satisfied with.”

They added, “It won’t be easy to overtake the fame of ‘Abracadabra’, but the members are determined to do better. We had no option but to give up everything they’ve recorded up to this point.”

Seems like they're having trouble trying to surpass Abracadabra's epicness.

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Apr 20 11 5:47 PM

wow I can't believe they're recording the album again. I can't wait to see the final product. I hope the achieve the same (or even more) success as they did with Abracadabra. They deserve it

June isn't far away; can't wait!

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Apr 20 11 9:23 PM

Re-recorded the album? Please, I don't believe that one. Ya'll know those "over 15 tracks" you recorded was potential title songs to rival Abracadabra's success. For the rest of the album a bunch of filler and/ or garbage tracks are going to be on it per usual for a typical K-pop album. Let's be real NegaNetwork.

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Apr 21 11 8:14 AM

Wow lol I'm beginning to think they won't comeback before 2012 B6f36bea6343b0ac4c148ce59e6fc203b0c32bfe_r
So they trashed 15 tracks ? Damn if that's true (sounds weird though) they could have just kept them as a bonus disc for the album. What a waste.
If they're indeed coming back in June then it's prolly gonna be an amazing CD though cuz my birthday is on that month. C28268d64cb614f8844920c1b302440aff8ddd1f_r

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Apr 25 11 1:14 PM

It's already two years since Abracadabra? Didn't thought it has been that long but I'm glad they are working on some new material.

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#11 post_url

May 16 11 5:08 PM

Well Ga-in just left that sitcom to focus on the album,so hopefully it will be out next month. A little mad that they might be promoting while 2ne1 is out. I love both groups but I want my girls to have the spotlight lol

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May 25 11 11:01 PM

Brown Eyed Girls delays comeback once again

The Brown Eyed Girls are definitely perfectionists, and no costs are being spared for their highly-anticipated comeback this summer. Earlier, we reported that they trashed an entire 15-track album because it didn’t live up to their expectations. Well, to this date, the girls have revealed that they’ve trashed three albums’ worth of recordings now.

On May 26th, Nega Network revealed, “The girls have been working on their album amidst their busy schedules with sitcoms and radio DJing. After 2009’s ‘Abracadabra‘ became a hit, the industry adopted an electronic trend so we can no longer identify it with the Brown Eyed Girls’ musical color.”

They continued, “We trashed songs that they recorded three times already, and the girls are adamant about filling the album with fresh new sounds, nothing like the repetitive beats that we are used to hearing lately. We’ve received over 700 demos, which takes a long time to screen. A lot of time is invested in trying to find high quality songs.”

The popularity of “I Am a Singer” proves that the public is definitely tired of auto-tuned vocals and are leaning towards true talent. While fans enjoyed the success of “Abracadabra”, many are hoping for a return to the beautiful ballads the girls showcased in their first and second albums.

Nega Network added, “We’ve finalized about half of the album’s overall production. We’re preparing a style that exceeds anything anticipated by their fans, so please look forward to it.”

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#15 post_url

May 26 11 12:23 PM

True talent = MOAR JE-A!!!! It's been so long since they've released anything, I'm sure people will go crazy over it no matter what. After scrapping 40-some songs though, they BETTER have a good album...

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May 30 11 7:48 AM

Sexy and I like the sound of the teaser.

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