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#1961 post_url

Jan 5 14 8:37 PM

My copy of Dreaming Now! just arrived and I have to say, I quite enjoy XXX.

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#1963 post_url

Jan 6 14 1:51 AM

Finally watched a BR rip of Japonesque Tour and was absolutely impressed. Japonesque is my favorite Kuu album (so I'm a bit biased) but this is the only tour of hers that I've actually wanted to buy. Great setlist and great energy!

Regarding her English, I just wish she had someone on her staff to prevent errors like Driving HIT'S. 7ed16369b2478598ce6f55746fa66118356979de_r

#1964 post_url

Jan 6 14 3:23 AM

Nice spot maze! ;)

By the way, anyone here planning on going to Live Tour 2014? I'm aiming for the last few dates.

#1965 post_url

Jan 6 14 4:26 AM

Master of Ghosts wrote:

Oh, yes, all we need here is another "my fav is better than yours"- discussion, there wasn't enough of that last time...

I have no Idea why this discussions keep coming back into this topic...

#1966 post_url

Jan 6 14 5:20 AM

^lol it's happened mostly because a Namie's stan always comes out with a long ass post and compares the queens depressedly.

#1968 post_url

Jan 6 14 5:02 PM

Just ordered my Blu-Ray + FC live set... Their fucking strategy lmaooo they got me...

I even got those 2 EMODA Dreaming Now special editions@___@

#1970 post_url

Jan 6 14 7:13 PM

LoL. Was that nip slip during VIP?

Perfect song to pop them out tbh...

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#1971 post_url

Jan 6 14 8:29 PM

maze wrote:

Looks more like padding than a nipple, although you can KIIIIINDA see the outer ring? >x>

#1973 post_url

Jan 8 14 3:32 AM

Lol, i'm surprised she has never shown her nipples...

"Simulating lesbian sex for Shake it? Check! Letting myself get touched all over my body by a couple of females for Taboo? Sure! Touch/slap my butt for choreos/videos? No problem! Show an underboob in the cover of a magazine and my upcoming single? You bet I will! Show my actual boobs? Oh Hell No!"

Anyways, hopefully they'll reveal the covers soon... Even though i'm sure those 2 promo pics are the covers....

#1974 post_url

Jan 8 14 12:21 PM

Is that really her nipple? I dont know she shows off her boob so much and not once has it been seen that she has a larger nipple...

#1978 post_url

Jan 10 14 4:41 AM

It looks like she will be the Cover for March Decolog Paper.
I am excited, her last Decolog Shoots were great!



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#1979 post_url

Jan 10 14 2:10 PM

Bon Voyage full UHQ promo
(3488 x 4120 - click twice on pic for full size)

#1980 post_url

Jan 10 14 6:44 PM

I love this, but I do hope that we get a nice backdrop...

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