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#1981 post_url

Jan 11 14 12:04 PM

we have the tickets pic
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#1982 post_url

Jan 15 14 9:23 AM

So some Asian escort agency in Australia has been using an old single promo shot for a while lol

#1984 post_url

Jan 15 14 10:54 AM

I've seen Ayumi Hamasaki , Leah Dizon and even Yuna Ito used in massage ads. It happens quite often.

#1985 post_url

Jan 15 14 11:10 AM

^ That's awful! There's this cheap haircut place across the block that uses Ayu's picture, but at least it's only haircuts they're offering. >_<

#1987 post_url

Jan 16 14 4:19 PM

Full second promo pic in good quality:


Thanks to Koda Kumi French Fans page on facebook

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#1988 post_url

Jan 16 14 5:49 PM

Really do wonder how the covers'll look. I do hope there's a bit more than just her and a white background, but at least she looks stunning

#1991 post_url

Jan 17 14 7:23 AM

Maybe the first promo pic will be a cover. We get 4 different covers for 4 different editions anyway.

#1992 post_url

Jan 17 14 9:21 AM

I think we'll get more information in 2 weeks or so, coz it'll be a month till release, which is the time we usually get the info.

#1993 post_url

Jan 17 14 10:40 AM

Yeah, probably. I'm so much excited the tracklist! And the previews! I'm dying to hear Bring It On in full.

#1994 post_url

Jan 17 14 4:16 PM

Magazine Updates for February : Decolog Paper Nail Max Blenda

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