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May 8 13 8:06 AM

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P r o f i l e

Stage Name: Koda Kumi / 倖田來未
Real Name: Kouda Kumiko / 神田來未子
Birthdate: 13 November 1982 (Showa 57)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Kyoto

Hobbies: Shopping, Goods.
Favorite Sport: Squash
Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop
Favorite Dish to Cook: Niku Jaga (Beef and Potatoes)
Favorite Saying: Ikkai ichi e (Once in a lifetime chance)
Favorite Colors: Purple and green
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite DVD: Haneru no tobira
Favorite Brands: D&G and H・A・K
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki, 100% Fruit Juice, Perrier
Favorite Japanese Artists: Toshinori Yonekura, Sukima Switch
Favorite Western Artists: Christina Aguilera, Nelly, Pink, Pharrell Williams
Something She Can't Be Without: Love
Favorite Part of Her Own Body: The "kori kori" of her waist.
Something Often Unexpected: 'No smoking & no alcohol'
Something Unacceptable: Lies and deception
Special Ability: To be able to talk until her voice goes hoarse.

U p c o m i n g   R e l e a s e s   
11th Album: Bon Voyage
2014.02.26 on sale

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#1 post_url

May 8 13 8:54 AM

It was a pretty funny show, I'm not familiar with the female comedian, but I enjoyed their collab together.

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May 8 13 10:15 PM

Is it me or does Kumi seem to be looking younger lately? Like in that pic right above that maze posted with her posing solo. I guess that glow you get when you are pregnant lingered on for her.



Posts: 600 増田貴久

#4 post_url

May 8 13 11:12 PM

Has this been posted before? I was on Kuu's official site on my iPhone and there was this pic from the JAPONESQUE tour that I've never seen before. Or is that just a pic from the pamphlet that I haven't noticed before?


#5 post_url

May 9 13 11:49 AM

Yeah it is, but this pic is better quality than what we saw in the pamphlet. Thanks for posting

And I'm happy that the summer single is announced now we just need a release date.

#7 post_url

May 9 13 3:40 PM

Oh no! I cannot see it. I guess it's viewable only for his friends. The picture looks awesome though!

#8 post_url

May 9 13 3:54 PM

dodo wrote:
Oh no! I cannot see it. I guess it's viewable only for his friends. The picture looks awesome though!

it happens for me too. the picture looks awesome indeed.

#9 post_url

May 9 13 7:19 PM

I'm glad the summer single is finally announced.
Looking forward to seeing what she pulls out this time around~
Would love another multi A-side for summer



Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

#10 post_url

May 10 13 7:07 AM

Yay! Summer single! I just hope it won't be too cute...

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#11 post_url

May 10 13 8:44 AM

Latest Recochoku raking:

■ Best "Mom Artist"
1位 :倖田來未
2位 :森高千里
3位 :YUKI
4位 :松田聖子

And I also can't see the video

#12 post_url

May 10 13 9:13 AM

Kaled Kalil wrote:
Latest Recochoku raking:

■ Best "Mom Artist"
1位 :倖田來未
2位 :森高千里
3位 :YUKI
4位 :松田聖子

And I also can't see the video 2da269c617b374468539f0cc19cfb94d0e5ce4be

Weird that Amuro ain't there...

#16 post_url

May 10 13 11:43 AM

Picaru no Teiri on youtube:

I uploaded the fancam by my friend on youtube (HD), enjoy!

#17 post_url

May 10 13 12:07 PM

Such a powerful performance! Thank you very much. And I like the new arrangment for LMB as well.

#18 post_url

May 10 13 12:26 PM

@maze thank u for the video. it's great how the stage looks very colorful in this tour. I hope the DVD looks just like it.

#19 post_url

May 10 13 12:42 PM

Thanks for the whole video maze! The stage looks great. But I have to say not a fan of the new arrangement of LMB (maybe cause I love the original so much that I am not used to a new arrangement yet) and the BMB performance was good but I am kind of sick of her performing it the same exact way every time she sings that song...

#20 post_url

May 10 13 8:07 PM

Ughhh trying to not see spoilers and resist temptation to watch the videos.... The stage DOES look amazing though.

Only 7 weeks until Yokohama shows

I still haven't decided which outfit to cosplay. Hmph

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