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Apr 29 13 2:37 AM

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Japan and Korea have never had an easygoing relationship. So it’s little surprise that Japanese netizens were up in arms when the photo at left appeared online. Taken at Tokyo Dome during a concert by hot Korean boy band 2PM (which has a related group called 2AM), it shows an enormous audience packed with enthusiastic K-pop fans on their feet, hands in the air, giving it up for the handsome lads.

But looking closely, it’s obvious that some of these fans aren’t genuine. In fact, they’re crudely implemented digital reproductions. So how and why did this happen?

2PM’s management, JYP Entertainment, came out with a formal apology after fans pointed out the mistake. JYP claimed it was the fault of an outside company colour-correcting the photos as they were rushed out to media outlets in their press release. But here’s what some Twitter users in Japan had to say:

—“This is like one of those photoshopped North Korean propaganda photos.”
—“Yeah, I’m not surprised.”
—“Nobody does a forgery like Korea.”
—“Wow, that’s Korea for you.”
—“So, obviously it wasn’t a sold-out show.”
—“So they’re not going to release the real photo?”
—“I bet they didn’t think they would get found out.”
—“These must be a few sets of really freaky twins.”
—“It looks like even the audience seating is getting some photo-generated plastic surgery.”

Source: Hamster Sokuho


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#1 post_url

May 4 13 10:52 AM

Lol it's really funny they do it. But I've seen some western acts doing it to say they're popular and all, like getting footage of other artist and saying it's their own concert's public or so.

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