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Mar 30 13 9:34 AM

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GARNET CROW announced their dissolution at their 3.30 livescope 2013 ~Terminus~ live. The group will release a 3 Disc BEST, "THE ONE ~ALL SINGLES BEST~" 5.22. No future plans for each member have been announced.

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Mar 30 13 2:11 PM

Such a shame!
They had one of the more original sound out there... But they seemed to have gotten stuck :/
At least we're getting a best album

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Mar 30 13 6:44 PM

Hope they will let fans know their individual paths since they say they have finished everything they wanted to do as a group.

Their previous best album is not too long ago, and they just released Terminus... I wonder if this last best will do well even though it's their final release.

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Mar 31 13 9:21 AM

They have 10 studio albums? I had no idea they were that active...I've listened to a couple songs and I really wanted to get into them because the lead singer's voice is so unusually cool, especially for a J-pop singer, but the songs never quite did it for me.

And I feel like it was poor decision to announce they were disbanding AFTER the last studio album was released. If they did it before, they could've played to that for promotion to potentially get better sales. Especially since they just had a best album (3cd) released less than three years ago, so I can't imagine this will do that well.

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Mar 31 13 10:25 AM

^ when their last album title was originally released, I thought it was the end for them. I wonder why they did wait so long to make the announcement. I'm sure it will get a few more people in for the last leg of the tour. who knows, GIZA hasn't been able to make a smart decision in years.

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Mar 31 13 5:59 PM

the end of a myth, how sad one of the first few J-pop artists I discovered. It breaks my heart even though I didn't really follow their career actively..

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#8 post_url

Mar 31 13 10:47 PM

To add on a bit more: they had already decided to disband while making "Terminus", and their reason for disbanding is that they felt that they've given all they could as GARNET CROW. The members' future activities are unclear at this point in time, most probably because they haven't had time to think about it yet.

They were really good at the start, but fell off my radar after their fourth album when everything started sounding more and more like generic pop. Still, shame.

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Apr 1 13 2:15 AM

I liked their stuff up till their fourth album. I guess they are running out of ideas. I haven't bothered to listen to their newer albums, so I'm not that sad over the news. Garnet Crow is also one of the groups I discovered first.

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May 1 13 10:05 AM


01. Mysterious Eyes
02. 君の家に着くまでずっと走ってゆく
03. 二人のロケット
04. 千以上の言葉を並べても...
05. 夏の幻
06. flying
07. Last love song
08. call my name
09. Timeless Sleep
10. 夢みたあとで
11. スパイラル
12. クリスタル・ゲージ


01. 泣けない夜も 泣かない朝も
02. 君という光
03. 僕らだけの未来
04. 君を飾る花を咲かそう
05. 忘れ咲き
06. 君の思い描いた夢 集メル HEAVEN
07. 晴れ時計
08. 籟・来・也
09. 夢・花火
10. 今宵エデンの片隅で
11. まぼろし


01. この手を伸ばせば
02. 涙のイエスタデー
03. 世界はまわると言うけれど
04. 夢のひとつ
05. 百年の孤独
06. Doing all right
07. 花は咲いて ただ揺れて
08. Over Drive
09. Smiley Nation
10. Misty Mystery
11. Nostalgia


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#13 post_url

Jun 24 15 11:03 AM

I just read about that. Pretty shocking. Back in the early 00s when Garnet Crow and GIZA were at their prime, I was a big Yuri fan...beautiful, and with a smooth cool voice. I hope Yuri and Nana aren't friends now, and that part of the breakup of the band was certain ideologies creeping in ans screwing things up between members. Maybe Nana is going through a a disenchanted "phase"...a really bad one.

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