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Mar 24 13 2:37 PM

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[2013.11.13] Your song*
[2014.10.22] Wonderful Wonder World*
[2015.07.15] Lucky Girl*

[2014.02.05] Asterisk*
[2015.09.09] Pixie Dust*

[2012.11.14] Yun*chi
[2013.04.17] Shake you*
[2014.07.02] Starlight*
[2015.04.15] アニ*ゆん~anime song cover~ (Ani*Yun ~anime song cover~) / COVER MINI-ALBUM

2nd album "Pixie Dust*" [2015.09.09]


01 Lucky Girl* (produced by ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo))
02 Fairy* (produced by 桃井はるこ)
03 Doki Doki* (produced by 北川勝利 (ROUND TABLE))
04 FUTURE FUTURE* (produced by U-SKE)
05 MIRAI* (produced by Jazzin'park)
06 Jelly* (produced by Chara)
07 QLL* (produced by Tomggg)
08 KAMO* (produced by PARKGOLF)
09 Starlight* (produced by Jazzin'park)
10 nan-nano* (produced by U-SKE)
11 gomenne* (produced by 飛内将大)
12 Wonderful Wonder World* (produced by 飛内将大)

Official website

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Sep 21 13 3:34 PM


01 Your song*
02 Waon* with IroKokoro Project
03 Fuzzy*
04 Your song* (instrumental)
05 Waon* with IroKokoro Project (instrumental)
06 Fuzzy* (instrumental)

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Posts: 2,670 Mohtorboat

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Dec 2 13 3:16 PM

moviebuffwwc wrote:

How original, Yun*chi.

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Jan 15 14 12:11 AM

Promo pic, cover art, tracklist for album "Asterisk*" and PV short version for "Perfect days*":

Promo pic:

Cover art:

Yun*chi 1st Album 「Asterisk*」
2014.02.05 Release

(CD)  CRCP-40359   ¥3,000 (Tax included)

1. Reverb*   (1st mini album 「Yun*chi」収録  /  kzプロデュース)
2. Perfect days*   (「Aya na ture」CMソング  /  kzプロデュース)
3. Shake you*   (2nd mini album 「Shake you*」収録  /  kzプロデュース)
4. Fantasize*   (飛内将大プロデュース)
5. Waon* with IroKokoro Project   (single 「Your song*」収録  /  U-SKEプロデュース)
6. Vivace*   (U-SKEプロデュース)
7. dual*   (2nd mini album 「Shake you*」収録  /  U-SKE曲, Avec Avec編曲)
8. Muffler*   (Avec Avecプロデュース)
9. Realizer*   (COR!Sプロデュース)
10. Believe*   (1st mini album 「Yun*chi」収録  /  kzプロデュース)
11. Love you*   (HUMプロデュース)
12. Your song*   (TVアニメ「ログ・ホライズン」エンディングテーマ  /  Floor on the Intelligenceプロデュース)

Yun*chi - "Perfect days*" (MV) (Short Version):


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Jan 26 14 3:47 PM

Yun*chi first album "Asterisk*" release party at Akihabara MOGRA on Friday, February 7 will be streamed on niconico Live. There will be a special live by Yun*chi, performing new songs from the album.
Starts at 19:00 JST. A portion of the stream will be streamed to premium niconico members only.

Program name: Yun*chi ~1st Album "Asterisk*" Release PARTY~ at Akihabara MOGRA
Date: Friday, February 7
Scheduled broadcast time: 19:00 to 20:30 JST

Guest: kz (livetune)  /  U-SKE (Asada Yusuke)  /  Tamura Nao  /  NEEKO  /  Momochi Minami

Nico program page:
Timeshift period: 90 days
You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.

*Note: A portion of the stream will be streamed to premium niconico members only.


How to use timeshift on niconico:

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