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Jul 24 14 4:13 PM

A little late but yes, the song is amazing lol a perfect fit for the summer
Love the video, love the dance ( I actually think the "leg up move" is quite catchy and can see a lot of people trying to do it while listening to the song)

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Jul 27 14 9:14 PM

It's always so blatantly obvious in the lives that only Hyorin's mic is on... like she is the only one with a black mic box on her outfit. At least give the other girls those too so we can all pretend

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Jul 28 14 1:41 AM

XD I couldn't resist the chance. But yeaaaah. There are a lot of groups that makes me wonder why they're still a group and not just a solo act. SISTAR's kind of one of them :x

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Aug 18 14 11:58 AM

Sistar is releasing an album called "Thank You <3" on the 26th. The title track is "I Swear" by Double Sidekick.
Group teaser

Soyou teaser

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Aug 19 14 8:43 PM




Last Edited By: Jaxxia Aug 22 14 2:16 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Aug 19 14 9:18 PM

its a real minialbum or they releasing something like loving u special mini? (tittle+b-side+some cheap remixes)

anyways im just glad they releasing a new song so super soon i dont matter wich type of mini issmiley: roll 

from touch my body i only jammed the tittle track i dont even remember the other songs smiley: laughsmiley: laugh

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Aug 20 14 10:58 PM

I guess thats where the teaser photo of Touch My Body originally came from! Anyway, cant wait, song sounds like a nice end-of-the-summer single and happy to get another song from one of my top favorite groups (considering that my other favorite groups are MIA now)

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Aug 25 14 11:11 PM

The song is ok, nothing really special, Touch My Body is better than this in my opinion but I do love the music video (kind of reminded me of what my friends and I used to do back home in Hawaii, so kind of feel homesick now lol)

By the way, is it me or am I the only one always bothered by Soyou's mouth? I dont know, I just get irritated when I see her sing or move her lips... thankfully you dont see too much of her moving her lips in the video lol

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Aug 26 14 3:32 PM

"I swear" shits all over "Touch my body".

I eventually grew to love TMB, but "I swear" just has the perfect smooth sound that I love from Sistar. Bora also isn't as annoying as she normally I really love this song.

As for Soyou, I've always noticed something about her mouth too..IDK what it is though.

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Sep 5 14 7:42 PM

SISTAR's I Swear has been accused of plagiarizing Tiesto's Red Lights
The similarities are there but plagiarizing is a bit much.

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