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Jul 16 14 7:49 AM

I LOVE Hyolyn's hair! Makes me wanna go back to blond again!

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Jul 17 14 12:16 AM

Dasom looks good.. Poor girl isn't ugly but always tends to look awkward when next to the others.
They have their sexy down straight so it looks like she's caught up.
Bora, Hyorin, and Soyou look good as always.

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Jul 17 14 7:29 AM

I agree with that Jaxxia.

I feel like, in pictures by themselves, Soyou and Dasom look great (pose wise) but when you place them next to Bora and Hyolyn its like, yeah, come on girls you can do better poses than that. LOL!

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Jul 18 14 1:51 AM

I don't think I'm gonna like it as much as Loving U, but only because I LOVED Loving U. But it still sounds and looks like it's gonna be really really fun. Can't wait!

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Jul 20 14 11:42 PM

I like it but the chorus is really lackluster, the rest of the song sounds good.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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Jul 20 14 11:53 PM

Song's not bad, I'm expecting the lyrics to be banned at some point. That one dance move, though... Wish they'd get some better choreo.

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Jul 21 14 12:29 AM

I loved give it to me, so this is surprisingly a let down. I wish the song did something, but it just doesn't. Summer song wise, Darling >>> Touch My Body because of that chorus. It's not catchy.

General reaction to the song seems positive - we will see what happens with the song. It'll probably get an all kill in an hour or so regardless.

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Jul 21 14 1:44 AM

This shits all over Darling!! These girls are BRINGING IT. I don't understand what you guys are missing from the chorus because I find it so fun and catchy and summery! The song structure reminds me of Bubble Pop somehow which is another plus

Edit: OK GO is also my life. This mini is my fave comeback of the summer so far (until A Talk happens I'm sure smiley: roll)

Last Edited By: calvinxx Jul 21 14 2:11 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Jul 21 14 7:59 AM

The song is catchy and the MV is fun but yeah that choreo needs some work, especially that leg wobble move. Not sure what that was supposed to be.

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#656 post_url

Jul 21 14 2:11 PM

It's some odd hokey pokey dance. I like the song. It's not mindblowing but right now it's tied with Darling. Both songs got better as I listen to them, but it was letdown at first listen. A fancam of their performance from what I think is their showcase. Gives you a nice view of the choreography setup.

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Jul 21 14 11:06 PM

Iunno, I didn't think the chorus was all that bad. The song overall didn't really click with me though to be honest. Maybe it needs more playing for me. Compared to Darling (since we're playing that game apparently), I prefer Darling because I loved it the second I heard it.

And yeaaaaaaaah, what is with that choreo...

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Jul 22 14 2:15 AM

The song took me three times to start becoming obsessed with it (lol) now I love it, and while I think the chorus could have been better its not too bad. The only thing that I dont like in the choreography is that "horse shake" part, its like so not sexy at all, everything else is good especially the leg and arm twists during Soyou and Dasom parts and the butt slap part in the chorus.

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#660 post_url

Jul 23 14 3:26 PM

I was just coming in here to say that after a few listens, I've became obsessed with it as well. Their upbeat songs are always growers for me.

The ass spanking is my favorite dance move.

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