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Mar 8 14 6:11 PM

Special stage with miss A. Kinda wish the original song had this mix. would've preferred if the chorus went straight to the hard part the first time. They sound good though.

Also a special collab with Ailee and Frozen

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Mar 22 14 12:22 AM

Girl's Day 'Something' was meant to be for Hyorin.

Park Janggeun from the producer unit Duble Sidekick revealed the behind story of Girl’s
Day’s recent hit-song “Something” on Mnet’s variety show program. Surprisingly,
“Something” was originally made for SISTAR’s Hyorin.

At the time, Duble Sidekick previewed the chorus part first to Hyorin, but Hyorin rejected
it for being a little to mild and soft for her taste and for her solo album. Then, Duble
Sidekick thought the song might actually fit better for Girl’s Day and produced it for them.

Since “Something” did become a popular song, Duble Sidekick humorously mentioned
that, “We got scolded by Hyorin.”

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Mar 22 14 10:53 PM

I liked Something a lot better than anything on Hyolyn's album.... even though I love her way more than Girl's Day lol

Also I need a SISTAR comeback immediately...

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Posts: 2,628 Mohtorboat

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Mar 22 14 11:03 PM

Would've been interesting if Hyorin or SISTAR had done it. At least it doesn't have "BRAVE SOUND" plastered all over it.

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Apr 4 14 8:03 PM

Mad Clown feat. Hyorin

It's nice~

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Jul 10 14 1:20 AM

Song is not by either Brave Bros or Duble Sidekick.  It's by Rado and Choi Kyu-sung. 
They've worked with Shinsadong Tiger (Volume Up, Now, Lovey Dovey, Roly Poly, and Bubble Pop), but I don't know of any song they have done separate or together.

First teaser image

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Jul 10 14 3:37 PM

My body is ready! Cant wait for it.

Surprising they are not working with Brave Brothers maybe now he could pay attention to his own groups for once.

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Jul 12 14 12:14 AM

^ I would punish you for saying BB is stale but you're right... :/ His music has been way too similar one after the next... I think he needs some time apart to experiment with different sounds (much like he did the last time his music was way too consistent I think in 2010 or 2011?)

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Jul 15 14 12:30 AM

Oh okay, I was actually kind of afraid that that Spanish sound was the comeback. But it sounds(??) promising...based on the small snippet

Although, coming off of Girl's Day's comeback, I feel like the styling is a tad too similar. But then again, summery looks like this shouldn't be too big of a surprise anyway

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Jul 15 14 9:36 AM

I love the dance moves (you can see it on the television next to Soyou) but the teaser was kind of annoying with the repeated "Hoo-reh!" I loved the concept of it but it got annoying fairly quickly.

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Posts: 2,628 Mohtorboat

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Jul 16 14 12:45 AM

Bora and Hyorin:

Mini is titled Touch&Move, here's the tracklist:
1. Wow
2. Touch My Body
3. 나쁜손 ft. Verbal Jint (Bad Hands)
4. But I Love U
5. Ok Go!
6. Sunshine

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