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Nov 26 13 11:09 AM

Haven't listened to the album yet, I'm thinking of waiting for my copy but I'm sure I won't wait that long lol

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Nov 26 13 2:37 PM

Lonely is my favorite track. I just love these kind of songs (reminds me of SunnyHill's Pray). Love the videos too, she's fierce classy bitch

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Nov 26 13 3:06 PM

I am going to agree, the imagery and concept is a bit lackluster

The album is solid even if I only really like about 5 songs on it, but the other songs are not really "filler" material, just not my cup o' tea. But whomever they hired to be doing these covers for SISTAR (Gone, Give It To Me) needs to be fired, it looks so messy and all over the place. I feel like she could have done a concept that didnt look like what SISTAR19 already did this year...

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Nov 27 13 5:17 PM

Overall the album is nice and cohesive in concept. It shows they really took time to craft her album rather than pick a bunch of random tracks.

I can admit too that the MV's concept and energy isn't as hard hitting and fresh as I had expected, but I hope she just brings that to the lives.

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Nov 28 13 12:52 AM

Watched ONE WAY LOVE (haven't seen Lonely yet or listened to the rest of the album). I was kinda disappointed, not gonna lie. I wasn't expecting that sort of sound based on the teaser at all, and personally I just felt that it...wasn't executed as well as most other artists when they try their hands at the latin sound. Also, I don't like the orange hair on her, nor that derp poopsquat move >___>

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#608 post_url

Nov 28 13 4:14 PM

Holy cow, talk about the biggest disappointment ever! Looking at that teaser I was expecting her to go all HyunA on us with a hot dance track, but instead we got some awkward ass squattin' on an ordinary kpop song? The song's pretty good, but I'm still recovering from the disappointment. Then again... trusting kpop teasers? Shame on me.

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Nov 28 13 5:54 PM

Something is so odd about the's lacking something.

Anyways..she had a special where she preformed a few new songs/Beyonce covers including "Massage".

Digitally, the songs seem to be doing great, but they aren't holding on like other SISTAR(even soyou's digital song) releases have. I thought the reception for her would have been better.

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Nov 29 13 1:10 AM

Impressed with the album. One of the few kpop albums I've been able to listen to all the way through that I've found in a while.

The songs aren't amazing or anything, but they're compulsively listenable and Hyorin's vocals make them go down so easily.

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Jan 1 14 5:02 AM

OMG! Frozen is such a great movie, is Hyolin going to do her voice too or just her singing parts?

I do hope Hyolyn changes her hairstyle though, I am not digging this look.

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Jan 4 14 12:22 AM

So, when is the superior Rock Version of ONE WAY LOVE going to finally be released?

A clip was used in the MV teaser and then she performed a longer version at SBS Gayo Daejun...

<3 it!!

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Jan 4 14 12:55 AM


What is up with SISTAR and rockifying their songs though. They performed a rock version of ALONE last year, which was actually kind of terrifying...

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#618 post_url

Jan 6 14 12:20 AM

We are never going to get them lol, since Alone they have always teased us with another arrangement to their songs that was never officially released...I am hoping Soyou and Dasom become a subgroup as well sometime...

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

#620 post_url

Feb 4 14 2:46 PM

Ooh, good. I liked her last collab. The fact they got Junggigo on this makes it even better.

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