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Aug 3 11 11:45 PM

Dasom's hair is really cute!

the video teaser will be out on the 5th~

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Aug 4 11 2:38 AM

they really have been my #1 favorite Korean group from start! and ive been waiting for this album from the start im happy they put all the B-sides on the album ahhhh im so damn excited! i promised my self that i wouldnt buy any albums untill sistars came out!

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Aug 5 11 9:03 AM

awesome teaser. mega-excited for So Cool now.

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Aug 6 11 4:45 PM

I can guarantee you Brave Brothers did this song, it sounds very much like his work.

I cant wait to hear it, but I am a bit disappointed in him he puts so much effort for every other artist (especially SISTAR) but he puts little to no effort on his own artist (Brave Girls).

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Aug 8 11 9:44 AM

SISTAR -TicToc ~in perfect engrish~
This song was leaked a year ago in LQ, but now I found that this year they made a videoclip (whitout SISTAR, only with 2 girls lol) with the song in good quality.

I love this song! Someone can make an audio-rip of this MV, please?smiley: roll

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JPC Admin

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Aug 8 11 11:47 AM

The music that is given to this group is beneath them. They should have adapted the sound of "Ma Boy," their only decent song, for the main group as well.

And I didn't even realize DJ DOC was in the video until I was 3 minutes in.

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Aug 8 11 12:04 PM

The song's okay, it'll probably grow on me. Shady Girl is still my favourite from thme.
The concept is kinda boring, and weird with the random relay parts.

I really like SISTAR (Hyorin for being generally one of the best idols out there and Bora for being a clumsy fuck), but I really dislike Bora. Ever since that bully scandal I can't help but think she's a huge bitch. I have no real opinion on the other one.

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