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Jul 21 11 8:55 PM

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SISTAR (씨스타) is a Korean girl group signed under Starship Entertainment

SISTAR released their debut single "Push Push" on June 03 2010. SISTAR consists Hyolyn (Leader / Main Vocals / Lead Rapper / Lead Dancer), Bora (Main Rapper / Main Dancer / Vocals), Soyou (Lead Vocals / Dancer) and Dasom (Vocals / Dancer). The band had released its second single "가식걸 (Shady Girl)" on August 25 2010 and their third single "니까짓게 (How Dare You)" on December 03 2010. The band had announced plans to debut their sub group which was named SISTAR19 and consists Hyolyn and Bora. They released their debut single "Ma Boy" on May 03 2011.The band had returned and released their debut album and its lead single "So Cool" on August 09 2011. On April 12 2012 they released their debut mini album and its lead single "나혼자 (Alone)" and on June 28 2012 released their debut remix album and its lead single "러빙유 (Loving U)." On January 31 2013, SISTAR19 returned and released their debut mini album and its lead single "있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer)."

On June 11 2013, SISTAR released their second album and its lead single "Give It To Me." On November 26 2013, Hyolyn released her solo debut album "LOVE & HATE" and its two lead single releases "Lonely" and "너 밖에 몰라 (One Way Love)." On July 21 2014, SISTAR released their third mini album "TOUCH & MOVE" with the lead single "Touch My Body" and on August 26 2014, they released their second remix album "SWEET & SOUR" with the lead single "I Swear." On June 22 2015, they released their third mini album and its lead single "SHAKE IT." On June 21 2016, they released their fourth mini album "INSANE LOVE" and its lead single "I Like That." On November 8 2016, Hyolyn released her debut mini album "IT'S ME" and its lead single "Paradise."


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Hyolyn | Bora | Soyou | Dasom



(11.26.2013) Hyolyn - LOVE & HATE

(06.11.2013) SISTAR - Give It To Me

(08.09.2011) SISTAR - So Cool

Mini Albums

(11.08.2016) Hyolyn - IT'S ME

(06.21.2016) SISTAR - INSANE LOVE

(06.22.2015) SISTAR - SHAKE IT

(08.26.2014) SISTAR - SWEET & SOUR

(07.21.2014) SISTAR - TOUCH & MOVE

(01.31.2013) SISTAR19 - 있다 없으니까 (Gone) Not Around Any Longer)

(06.28.2012) SISTAR - Loving U

(04.12.2012) SISTAR - Alone

Digital Singles

(05.03.2011) SISTAR19 - Ma Boy


(12.03.2010) SISTAR - 니까짓게 (How Dare You)

(08.25.2010) SISTAR - 가식걸 (Shady Girl)

(06.03.2010) SISTAR - Push Push

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#2 post_url

Jul 22 11 9:42 PM

That was a good performance, this song has to go down as by far one of my most favorite k-pop releases of the year, no doubt. Thoughts after watching this:

Why did they even bother with a subunit, when there are only four ppl in the group.... The song is still like 90% Hyorin even if you chop up her lines and give them to her band mates (idk her voice has a certain level of oomph that no one can touch)... The dancing kinda looks all over the place with all of them there... Also SISTAR does have some of the best collection of vocalists where it doesn't particularly seem necessary for vocal things to be placed on the lead vocalist (I mean there are three, and the other two ain't got nothin' on Hyorin, but they are by no means bad), so I would like to hear more songs of this vein later I think hahaha

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#3 post_url

Jul 23 11 1:36 AM

They're just the best group... Aside from the fact that Hyorin is the best Korean vocalist of all the idols, the group has such great chemistry both on and off stage and they're never boring to watch perform.

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#5 post_url

Jul 24 11 6:13 AM

Soyou and Bora are more in sync than Hyorin was lol. Seeing as they're performing Ma Boy as 4, it'll probably find its way onto their album.

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#10 post_url

Aug 2 11 9:44 AM

Definitely no need for her to lose 8kg. Shaking my head at you, Starship Ent.

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#11 post_url

Aug 2 11 2:51 PM

@mitsuhoney yes! one week from today. we should be getting teasers soon.

also, tracklist is out:

01. Let’s get the party started
02. So cool
03. Girls do it
04. Follow me
05. New world
06. 약한 남자 싫어 (yakhan namja silheo; I don't want a weak man)
07. 니까짓게 (nikka jitge; how dare you)
08. Over
09. Oh Baby
10. 가식걸 (gashik geol; shady girl)
11. Push Push
12. Ma boy (special ver.)

"So cool" is the title track, and the special version of "Ma boy" will apparently feature all four members.

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#13 post_url

Aug 2 11 6:28 PM

hope So Cool is as catchy as their past title tracks.

for some reason I got bored of Ma Boy already. over-played it I guess.

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#17 post_url

Aug 3 11 6:42 AM

NATE wrote:
Isn't she the one that's always falling on her face? I wouldn't have let her wear something so expensive.
lmfao NATE... its probably on retail for that much but the company is probs renting the ish or something so its cheaper or something idk if I believe that anyone would be walking around with something like that, especially someone as doofy as her a$$. xD

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#18 post_url

Aug 3 11 9:32 AM


Actually due to her clumsiness, its what made me get into the band, I saw videos of her clumsiness and was wincing or laughed so much that I said "Let me give their music a shot"

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#20 post_url

Aug 3 11 9:06 PM

wow hyorin and bora look smal next to their grooup mates.... is this a coed band? lol

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